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Anopheles darlingi (Diptera: Culicidae) Dynamics in Relation to Meteorological Data in a Cattle Farm Located in the Coastal Region of French Guiana: Advantage of Mosquito Magnet Trap

Vezenegho S B, Carinci R, Gaborit P, Issaly J, Dusfour I, Briolant S, Girod R

Environmental Entomology, 44(3):454-462 2015
Day-time vs. night-time sampling does not affect estimates of spider diversity across a land use gradient in the Neotropics

Vedel V, Cerdan A, Martinez Q, Baraloto C, Petitclerc F, Orivel J, Fortunel C,

Journal of Arachnology, 43(3):413-416 2015
Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry imaging of biological samples with delayed extraction for high mass and high spatial resolutions

Vanbellingen Q P, Elie N, Eller M J, Della-Negra S, Toubou D, Brunelle A

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 29(13):1187-1195 2015
The complexity and structural diversity of ant venom peptidomes is revealed by mass spectrometry profiling

Touchard A, Koh J M S, Aili S R, Dejean A, Nicholson G M, Orivel J, Escoubas P

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 29(5):385-396 2015
Intraspecific variations in the venom peptidome of the ant Odontomachus haematodus (Formicidae: Ponerinae) from French Guiana

Touchard A, Dejean A, Escoubas P, Orivel J

Journal of Hymenoptera Research, 47:87-101 2015
Tank bromeliads as natural microcosms: A facultative association with ants influences the aquatic invertebrate community structure

Talaga S, Dézerald O, Carteron A, Petitclerc F, Leroy C,n Céréghino R, Dejean A

Comptes Rendus Biologies, 338(10):696-700 2015
A bromeliad species reveals invasive ant presence in urban areas of French Guiana

Talaga S, Delabie J H C, Dézerald O, Salas-Lopez A, Petitclerc F, Leroy C, Hérault B, Céréghino R, Dejean A

Ecological Indicators, 58:1-7 2015
Two new pimarane diterpenoids from the endophytic fungus Xylaria sp

Sorres J, Nirma C, Touré S, Eparvier V, Stien D

Tetrahedron Letters, 2015(56):4596-4598 2015
A global meta-analysis of the relative extent of intraspecific trait variation in plant communities

Siefert A, Violle C, Chalmandrier L, Albert C H, Taudiere A, …Vandewalle M, Wardle D A

Ecology Letters, 18(12):1406-1419 2015
Life after disturbance (II): the intermediate disturbance hypothesis explains genetic variation in forest gaps dominated by Virola michelii Heckel (Myristicaceae)

Scotti I, Montaigne W, Cseke K, Traissac S

Annals of Forest Science, 72(8):1035-1042 2015
Evidence of the late lignification of the G-layer in Simarouba tension wood, to assist understanding how non-G-layer species produce tensile stress

Roussel J R & Clair B

Tree Physiology, 35(12):1366-1377 2015
Does host receptivity or host exposure drives dynamics of infectious diseases? The case of West Nile Virus in wild birds

Roche B, Morand S, Elguero E, Balenghien T, Guégan J-F, Gaidet N

Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 33:11-19 2015
Bioacoustics of the Neotropical Eneopterinae (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Gryllidae)

Robillard T, ter Hofstede H, Orivel J, Vicente N M

Bioacoustics, 24(2):123-143 2015
Electrochemical and microbial monitoring of multi-generational electroactive biofilms formed from mangrove sediment

Rivalland C, Madhkour C, Salvin P, Robert F

Bioelectrochemistry, 106:125-132 2015
Landscape patterns influence communities of medium- to large-bodied vertebrates in undisturbed terra firme forests of French Guiana

Richard-Hansen C, Jaouen G, Denis T, Brunaux O, Marcon E, Guite S

Journal of Tropical Ecology, 31(5):423-436 2015
Heterogeneity among Mycobacterium ulcerans from French Guiana Revealed by Multilocus Variable Number Tandem Repeat Analysis (MLVA)

Reynaud Y, Millet J, Couvin D, Rastogi N, Brown C, Couppié P, Legrand E

PLoS ONE, 10(2):e0118597 2015
Fires increase Amazon forest productivity through increases in diffuse radiation

Rap A, Spracklen D V, Mercado L, Reddington C L, Haywood J M, Ellis R J, Phillips O L, Artaxo P, Bonal D, Restrepo Coupe N, Butt N

Geophysical Research Letters, 42(11):2015GL063719 2015
Soil N2O emissions in French Guiana after the conversion of tropical forest to agriculture with the chop-and-mulch method

Petitjean C, Hénault C, Perrin A-S, Pontet C, Metay A, Bernoux M, Jehanno T, Viard A, Roggy J-C

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 208:64-74 2015
Optimal strategies for sampling functional traits in species-rich forests

Paine C E T, Baraloto C, Díaz S

Functional Ecology, 29(10):1325-1331 2015
Antiviral Activity of Flexibilane and Tigliane Diterpenoids from Stillingia lineata

Olivon F, Palenzuela H, Girard-Valenciennes E, Neyts J, Pannecouque C, Roussi F, Grondin I, Leyssen P, Litaudon M

Journal of Natural Products, 78(5):1119-1128 2015
Disparities and ambiguity in the access to the biological ressources in French Guiana

Odonne G, Davy D

ELOHI, Indigenous peoples and the environment , 5-6:171-188 2015
Ecology, Evolution and Control of Chagas disease: a century of neglected modelling and a promising future

Nouvellet P, Cucunubá Z M, Gourbière S

Advanced in Parasitology, 87:135-191 2015
Les réseaux moléculaires, une approche bio-informatique globale pour interpréter les données de spectrométrie de masse tandem

Nothias-Scaglia L-F, Esposito M, Costa J, Paolini J J, Touboul D, Litaudon M

Spectra Analyse, 2015(13):5520-5531 2015
Antiviral Activity of Diterpene Esters on Chikungunya Virus and HIV Replication

Nothias-Scaglia L-F, Pannecouque C, Renucci F, Delang L, Neyts J, Roussi F, Costa J, Leyssen P, Litaudon M, Paolini J

Journal of Natural Products, 78(6):1277-1283 2015
Advanced Structural Determination of Diterpene Esters Using Molecular Modeling and NMR Spectroscopy

Nothias-Scaglia L-F, Gallard J-F, Dumontet V, Roussi F, Costa J, Iorga B I, Paolini J, Litaudon M


Journal of Natural Products, 78(10):2423-2431 2015
LC-MS2-Based dereplication of Euphorbia extracts with anti-Chikungunya virus activity

Nothias-Scaglia L-F, Dumontet V, Neyts J, Roussi F, Costa J, Leyssen P, Litaudon M, Paolini J

Fitoterapia, 105:202-209 2015
Reactivation of antibiosis in the entomogenous fungus Chrysoporthe sp. SNB-CN74

Nirma C, Eparvier V, Stien D

Journal of Antibiotics, 68(9):586-590 2015
Antibacterial Ilicicolinic Acids C and D and Ilicicolinal from Neonectria discophora SNB-CN63 Isolated from a Termite Nest

Nirma C, Eparvier V, Stien D

Journal of Natural Products, 78(1):159–162 2015
On the ability of a global atmospheric inversion to constrain variations of CO2 fluxes over Amazonia

Molina L, Broquet G, Imbach P, Chevallier F, Poulter B, Bonal D, Burban B, Ramonet M, Gatti L V, Wofsy S C, Munger J W, Dlugokencky E, Ciais P

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15(14):8423-8438 2015
Tools to characterize point patterns: dbmss for R

Marcon E, Traissac S, Puech F, Lang G

Journal of Statistical Software, 67(Codesnippet3):1-15 2015
An R package to measure and partition diversity

Marcon E & Hérault B

Journal of Statistical Software, 67(8):1-5 2015
Secondary Metabolites Isolated from the Amazonian Endophytic Fungus Diaporthe sp. SNB-GSS10

Mandavid H, Rodrigues A M S, Espindola L S, Eparvier V, Stien D

Journal of Natural Products, 78(7):1735-1739 2015
Life after disturbance (I): changes in the spatial genetic structure of Jacaranda copaia (Aubl.) D. Don (Bignonianceae) after logging in an intensively studied plot in French Guiana

Leclerc T, Vimal R, Troispoux V, Périgon S, Scotti I

Annals of Forest Science, 72(5):509-516 2015
Use of Plasmodium falciparum culture-adapted field isolates for in vitro exflagellation-blocking assay

Leba L-J, Musset L, Pelleau S, Estevez Y, Birer C, Briolant S, Witkowski B, Ménard D, Delves M J, Legrand E, Duplais C, Popovici J

Malaria Journal, 14:234 2015
An overview of existing and promising technologies for national forest monitoring

Henry M, Réjou-Méchain M, Cifuentes Jara M, Wayson C, Piotto D, Westfall J, Fuentes J M M, … Zapata-Cuartas M, Saint-André L

Annals of Forest Science, 72(6):779-788 2015
Recommendations for the use of tree models to estimate national forest biomass and assess their uncertainty

Henry M, Cifuentes Jara M, Réjou-Méchain M, Piotto D, Michel Fuentes J M, Wayson C, Alice Guier F, Castañeda Lombis H, Castellanos López E, Cuenca Lara R, Cueva Rojas K, … Zapata-Cuartas M, Saint-André L

Annals of Forest Science, 72(6):769-777 2015
Spatial Structure of Above-Ground Biomass Limits Accuracy of Carbon Mapping in Rainforest but Large Scale Forest Inventories Can Help to Overcome

Guitet S, Hérault B, Molto Q, Brunaux O, Couteron P

PLoS ONE, 10(9):e0138456 2015
Deltamethrin Resistance Mechanisms in Aedes aegypti Populations from Three French Overseas Territories Worldwide

Dusfour I, Zorrilla P, Guidez A, Issaly J, Girod R, Guillaumot L, Robello C, Strode C

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 9(11):e0004226 2015
Development of an efficient route toward meiogynin A-inspired dual inhibitors of Bcl-xL and Mcl-1 anti-apoptotic proteins

Desrat S, Remeur C, Roussi F

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 13(19):5520-5531 2015
Bat aggregation mediates the functional structure of ant assemblages

Dejean A, Groc S, Hérault B, Rodriguez-Pérez H, Touchard A, Céréghino R, Delabie J H C, Corbara B

Comptes Rendus – Biologies, 330(18):688-695 2015
Antibacterial Labdane Diterpenoids from Vitex vestita

Corlay N, Lecsö-Bornet M, Leborgne E, Blanchard F, Cachet X, Bignon J, Roussi F, Butel M-J, Awang K, Litaudon, M

Journal of Natural Products, 78(6):1348-1356 2015
Neutral and adaptive drivers of microgeographic genetic divergence within continuous populations: the case of the neotropical tree Eperua falcata (Aubl.)

Brousseau L, Foll M, Scotti-Saintagne C, Scotti I

PLoS ONE, 10(3):e0121394 2015
Morphological diversity of the bony labyrinth (inner ear) in extant xenarthrans and its relation to phylogeny

Billet G, Hautier L, Lebrun R

Journal of Mammalogy, 96:658-672 2015
Different behavioural strategies among seven highly invasive ant species

Bertelsmeier C, Avril A, Blight O, Confais A, Diez L, Jourdan H, Orivel J, Saint Germès N, Courchamp F

Biological Invasions, 17(8):2491-2503 2015
Arthropod Distribution in a Tropical Rainforest: Tackling a Four Dimensional Puzzle

Basset Y, Cizek L, Cuénoud P, Didham R K, Novotny V, Ødegaard F … Leponce M

PLoS ONE, 10(12):e0144110 2015
A joint individual-based model coupling growth and mortality reveals that tree vigor is a key component of tropical forest dynamics

Aubry-Kientz M, Rossi V, Boreux J-J, Hérault B

Ecology and Evolution, 5(12):2457-2465 2015
Pervasive Local-Scale Tree-Soil Habitat Association in a Tropical Forest Community

Allié E, Pélissier R, Engel J, Petronelli P, Freycon V, Deblauwe V, Soucémarianadin L, Weigel J, Baraloto C

PLoS ONE, 10(11):e0141488 2015
Length-weight relationships of 58 fish species in French Guiana streams

Allard L, Toussaint A, Vigouroux R, Brosse S

Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 31(2015):567-570 2015
Systematics of hairy armadillos and the taxonomic status of the Andean hairy armadillo (Chaetophractus nationi)

Abba A M, Cassini G H, Valverde G, Tilak M K, Vizcaíno S F, Superina M, Delsuc F

Journal of Mammalogy:673-689 2015
Temperature: Diet Interactions Affect Survival through Foraging Behavior in a Bromeliad-Dwelling Predator

Dézerald O, Céréghino R, Corbara B, Dejean A, Leroy C

Biotropica, 47(5):569-578 2015
Functional trait responses of aquatic macroinvertebrates to simulated drought in a Neotropical bromeliad ecosystem

Dézerald O, Céréghino R, Corbara B, Dejean A, Leroy C

Freshwater Biology, 60(9):1917-1929 2015
Reciprocal protection from natural enemies in an ant-wasp association

Le Guen R, Corbara B, Rossi V, Azémar F, Dejean A

Comptes Rendus – Biologies, 338(4):255-259 2015
Traits allowing some ant species to nest syntopically with the fire ant Solenopsis saevissima in its native range

Dejean A, Corbara B, Céréghino R, Leponce M, Roux O, Rossi V, Delabie J H C, Compin A

Insect Science, 22(2):289-294 2015
Dicorynamine and harmalan-N-oxide, two new β-carboline alkaloids from Dicorynia guianensis Amsh heartwood

Anouhe J B S, Adima A A, Niamké F B, Stien D, Amian B K, Blandinieres P A, Virieux D, Pirat J L, Kati-Coulibaly S, Amusant N

Phytochemistry Letters, 12:158-163 2015
Decomposing phylodiversity

Marcon E & Hérault B

Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 6(3):333-339 2015
Stay Out (Almost) All Night: Contrasting Responses in Flight Activity Among Tropical Moth Assemblages

Lamarre G P A, Mendoza I, Rougerie R, Decaëns T, Hérault B, Bénéluz F

Neotropical Entomology, 44(2):109-115 2015
Dietary and Temporal Niche Differentiation in Tropical Ants-Can They Explain Local Ant Coexistence?

Houadria M, Salas-Lopez A, Orivel J, Blüthgen N, Menzel F

Biotropica, 47(2):208-217 2015
Corrosion inhibition of C38 steel by alkaloids extract of Geissospermum laeve in 1 M hydrochloric acid: Electrochemical and phytochemical studies

Faustin M, Maciuk A, Salvin P, Roos C, Lebrini M

Corrosion Science, 92:287-300 2015
Interactive effects of C, N and P fertilization on soil microbial community structure and function in an Amazonian rain forest

Fanin N, Hättenschwiler S, Schimann H, Fromin N

Functional Ecology, 29(1):140-150 2015
Hyperdominance in Amazonian forest carbon cycling

Fauset S, Johnson M O, Gloor M, Baker T R, Monteagudo  M A, Brienen R J W, Feldpausch T R, Lopez-Gonzalez G, Malhi Y, Ter Steege H, Pitman N C A, Baraloto C, Engel J,… Phillips O L

Nature Communications, 6:6857 2015
Phylogenetic diversity of Amazonian tree communities

Honorio Coronado E N, Dexter K G, Pennington R T, Chave J, Lewis S L, Alexiades M N, Alvarez E, Alves de Oliveira A, Amaral I L, Araujo-Murakami A, Arets E J M M, Aymard G A, …Philipps O L

Diversity and Distributions, 21(11):1295-1307 2015
Long-term decline of the Amazon carbon sink

Brienen R J W, Phillips O L, Feldpausch T R, Gloor E, Baker T R, Lloyd J, Lopez-Gonzalez G, Monteagudo-Mendoza A, Malhi Y, Lewis S L, Vásquez Martinez R, Alexiades M, Álvarez Dávila E, Alvarez-Loayza P, …  Zagt R J

Nature, 519:344–348 2015
Drought tolerance as predicted by leaf water potential at turgor loss point varies strongly across species within an Amazonian forest

Maréchaux I, Bartlett M K, Sack L, Baraloto C, Engel J, Joetzjer E, Chave J

Functional Ecology, 29(10):1268-1277 2015
Checklist of the amphibians of the Sipaliwini area, Suriname

Fouquet A, Vacher JP, Kadosoe V, Jairam R, Ouboter P

Herpetology Notes, 8:63-68 2015

Widespread Occurrence of Bd in French Guiana, South America

Courtois E A, Gaucher P, Chave J, Schmeller D S

PLoS ONE, 10(4):e0125128 2015
The trans-riverine genetic structure of 28 Amazonian frog species is dependent on life history

Fouquet A, Courtois E A, Baudain D, Dias Lima J, Marques Souza S,  Noonan B P, Rodrigues M T

Journal of Tropical Ecology, 31 (4):361-373 2015
Taking the lead on climate change: modelling and monitoring the fate of an Amazonian frog

Courtois E A, Michel E, Martinez Q, Pineau K, Dewynter M, Ficetola G F, Fouquet A

Oryx, FirstView:1-10 2015
A new Dendropsophus Fitzinger, 1843 (Anura: Hylidae) of the parviceps group from the lowlands of the Guiana Shield

Fouquet A, Orrico V G, Ernst R, Blanc M, Martinez Q, Vacher JP, Rodrigues M T, Ouboter P, Jairam R, Ron S

Zootaxa, 4052(1):39-64 2015
Two new endangered species of Anomaloglossus (Anura: Aromobatidae) from Roraima State, northern Brazil

Fouquet A, Souza MS, Nunes PMS, Kok PJR, Curcio FF, De Carvalho CM, Grant T,  Rodriguez MT

Zootaxa, 3926(2):191-210 2015
High incidence of dioecy in young successional tropical forests

Réjou-Méchain M, Cheptou PO

Journal of Ecology, 103(3):725-732 2015
Decrease of L-band SAR backscatter with biomass of dense forests

Mermoz S, Réjou-Méchain M, Villard L, Le Toan T, Rossi V, Gourlet-Fleury S

Remote Sensing of Environment, 159:307-317 2015
Sequencing of the mitochondrial genome of the avocado lace bug Pseudacysta perseae (Heteroptera, Tingidae) using a genome skimming approach

Kocher A, Guilbert E, Lhuillier E, Murienne J,

Comptes Rendus Biologies, 338(3):149-160 2015
Guidelines for documenting and reporting tree allometric equations

Jara MC, Henry M, Réjou-Méchain M, Wayson C, Zapata-Cuartas M, Piotto D, Alice Guier F, Castañeda Lombis H, Castellanos López E, Cuenca Lara R, Cueva Rojas K, Del Águila Pasquel J, Duque Montoya A, Fernández Vega J, Jiménez Galo A, López OR, Marklund L, Gunnar M, Fuentes JM, Milla F, Návar C, José de J, Ortiz Malavassi E, Pérez J, Ramírez Zea C, Rangel García L, Rubilar Pons R, Saint-André L, Sanquetta C, Scott C, Westfall J

Annals of Forest Science, 72(6):763-768 2015
Overcoming obstacles to sharing data on tree allometric equations

Jara MC, Henry M, Réjou Méchain M, Lopez OR, Wayson C, Michel Fuentes JM, Castellanos E, Zapata-Cuartas M, Piotto D, Alice Guier F, Castañeda Lombis H, Cuenca Lara R, Cueva Rojas K, del Águila Pasquel J, Duque Montoya A, Fernández Vega J, Jiménez Galo A, Marklund, LG, Milla F, Návar Chaidez JdJ, Ortiz Malavassi E, Pérez J, Ramírez Zea C, Rangel García L, Rubilar Pons R, Saint-André L, Sanquetta C Scott C, Westfall J

Annals of Forest Science, 72(6):789-794 2015
Using repeated small-footprint LiDAR acquisitions to infer spatial and temporal variations of a high-biomass Neotropical forest

Réjou-Méchain M, Tymen B, Blanc L, Fauset S, Feldpausch TR, Monteagudo A, Phillips OL, Richard H, Chave J

Remote Sensing of Environment, 169:93-101 2015
Distribution shifts of freshwater fish under a variable climate: comparing climatic, bioclimatic and biotic velocities

Compte L & Grenouillet G

Diversity and Distributions, 21(9):1014-1026 2015
Enzymatic activities of novel nat1 and nat2 polymorphic variants found in a population of model primate macaca mulatta (rhesus macaque)

Boukouvala S, Tsirka T, Drakomathioulaki N, Giannouri D, Marinakis N, Rizou S, Zaliou S, Sabbagh A, Crouau-Roy B, Fakis G

Drug Metabolism Reviews, 47:60-60 2015
Effect of reduced impact logging and small-scale mining disturbances on Neotropical stream fish assemblages

Allard L, Popée M, Vigouroux R, Brosse S

Aquatic Sciences:1-11 2015
From current distinctiveness to future homogenization of the world’s freshwater fish faunas

Villéger S, Blanchet S, Beauchard O, Oberdorff T, Brosse S

Diversity and Distributions, 21(2):223-235 2015
The iterative ensemble modelling approach increases the accuracy of fish distribution models

Lauzeral C, Grenouillet G, Brosse S

Ecography, 38(2):213-220 2015
How many dimensions are needed to accurately assess functional diversity? A pragmatic approach for assessing the quality of functional spaces

Maire E, Grenouillet G, Brosse S, Villéger, S

Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 31:728-740 2015
An equilibrium theory signature in the island biogeography of human parasites and pathogens

Jean K, Burnside W R, Carlson L, Smith K, Guégan, JF

Global Ecology and Biogeography, in press 2015
Online database for mosquito (Diptera, Culicidae) occurrence records in French Guiana

Talaga S, Murienne J, Dejean A, Leroy C

Zookeys, 532:107-115 2015
Adaptive evolution of malaria parasites in French Guiana: Reversal of chloroquine resistance by acquisition of a mutation in pfcrt

Pelleau S, Moss E L, Dhingra S K, Volney B, Casteras J, Gabryszewski S J, Volkman S K, Wirth D F, Legrand E, Fidock D A, Neafsey D E, Musset L


PNAS, 112(37):11672-11677 2015
Lacuneolimna gen. nov., Lacuneolimna zalokariae comb. nov. and Lacuneolimna novagallia spec. nov. (Bacillariophyceae) from the French Guiana diatom freshwater flora

Tudesque L,  Le Cohu R, Coste M, Lange-Bertalot H

Phitotaxa, 231(1):12 2015
Interdisciplinarity and Infectious Diseases: An Ebola Case Study

Ezenwa VO, Prieur-Richard A-H, Roche B, Bailly X, Becquart P, García-Peña G E,  Hosseini P R, Keesing F, Rizzoli A, Suzán G, Vignuzzi M, Vittecoq M, Mills J N, Guégan J-F


PLoS Pathogens, 11(8):e1004992 2015
Does host receptivity or host exposure drives dynamics of infectious diseases? The case of West Nile Virus in wild birds

Roche B, Morand S, Elguero E, Balenghien T, Guégan J-F, Gaidet N

Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 33:11-19 2015
Therapeutic switching: from antidermatophytic essential oils to new leishmanicidal products

Houel E, Gonzalez G, Bessiere J M, Odonne G, Eparvier V, Deharo E, Stien D

Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, 110:106-113 2015
Antiplasmodial and anti-inflammatory effects of an antimalarial remedy from the Wayana Amerindians, French Guiana: Takamalaime (Psidium acutangulum Mart. ex DC., Myrtaceae)

Houel E, Fleury M, Odonne G, Nardella F, Bourdy G, Vonthron-Senecheau C, Villa P, Obrecht A, Eparvier V, Deharo E, Stien D

Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 166:279-285 2015
Competition, virulence, host body mass and the diversification of macro-parasites

Rascalou G, Gourbière S

Journal of the Royal Society of Interface, 11(93):20131108 2015
The reproductive biology of the myrmecophyte, Hirtella physophora, and the limitation of negative interactions between pollinators and ants

Malé P-J G, Leroy C, Lusignan L, Petitclerc F, Quilichini A, Orivel J

Arthropod-Plant Interactions, 9(1):23-31 2015
Metacommunity and phylogenetic structure determine wildlife and zoonotic infectious disease patterns in time and space

Suzán G, García-Peña G E,Castro-Arellano I, Rico O, Rubio A V, Tolsá J, Roche B, Hosseini P R, Rizzoli A, Murray K A, Zambrana-Torrelio C, Vittecoq M, Bailly X, Aguirre A A, Daszak P, Prieur-Richard A-H, Mills J N, Guégan J-F

Ecology and Evolution, doi: 10.1002/ece3.1404 2015