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Ancient tropical extinctions contributed to the latitudinal diversity gradient

Meseguer AS, Condamine FL

bioRxiv 2017

Tylopilus aquarius comb. and stat. nov., and its new variety from Brazil

Barbosa-Silva A, Ovrebo C, Ortiz-Santana B, Sa M, Sulzbacher MA, Roy M, Wartchow F

Sydowia, 69:115-122 2017

Taxonomic revision of the Neotropical Phyllocnistis Zeller 1848 (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), with descriptions of seven new species and host-plant associations

Brito R, Lopez-Vaamonde C, Gonçalves G, Becker VO, Mielke OHH, Moreira GRP

Zootaxa, 4341 2017

Short and long-term evolutionary dynamics of subtelomeric piRNA clusters in Drosophila

Asif-Laidin A, Delmarre V, Laurentie J, Miller WJ, Ronsseray S, Teysset L

DNA Research, 24(5):459–472 2017

Relying on known or exploring for new? Movement patterns and reproductive resource use in a tadpole-transporting frog

Beck KB, Loretto MC, Ringler M, Hödl W, Pašukonis A

PeerJ, 5:e3745 2017

Induced parental care in a poison frog: a tadpole cross-fostering experiment

Pašukonis A, Beck KB, Fischer MT, Weinlein S, Stückler S, Ringler E

Journal of Experimental Biology, 220:3949-3954 2017

High warning colour polymorphism in Heliconius hybrid zone roosts

Shaak SG, Counterman BA

Ecological Entomology 2017

First record of Amblyomma dissimile infesting the South American Common Toad (Rhinella margaritifera) in French Guiana

Kelehear C, Keightley SJ, Ritzi CM

Comparative Parasitology , 84(2):153-154 2017

Description et phylogénie de Hypochnicium microsporum, une nouvelle espèce corticoïde néotropicale

Gruhn G, Schimann H, Roy M.

Bulletin trimestriel de la Société Mycologique de France 2017

Complex modular architecture around a simple toolkit of wing pattern genes

Van Belleghem SM, Rastas P, Papanicolaou A, Martin SH, Arias CF, Supple MA, Hanly JJ, Mallet J, Lewis JJ, Hines HM, Ruiz M, Salazar C, Linares M, Moreira GRP, Jiggins CD, Counterman BA, McMillan WO, Papa R

Nature Ecology & Evolution, 1:0052 2017

An individual-based forest model to jointly simulate carbon and tree diversity in Amazonia: description and applications

Maréchaux I, Chave J

Ecological Monographs, 87(4):632-664 2017

A multi-gene phylogeny of Lactifluus (Basidiomycota, Russulales) translated into a new infrageneric classification of the genus

De Crop E, Nuytinck J, Van de Putte K, Wisitrassameewong K, Hackel J, Stubbe D, Hyde KD, Roy M, Halling RE, Moreau P-A

Peersonia, 38:58-80 2017

Cutaneous leishmaniasis in French Guiana: Revising epidemiology with PCR-RFLP

Simon S, Nacher M, Carme B, Basurko C, Roger A, Adenis A, Ginouves M, Demar M, Couppie P

Tropical Medicine and Health, 45:5 2017

Unraveling the genetic diversity and phylogeny of Leishmania RNA virus 1 strains of infected Leishmania isolates circulating in French Guiana

Tirera S, Ginouves M, Donato D, Caballero IS, Bouchier C, Lavergne A, Bourreau E, Mosnier E, Vantilcke V, Couppié P, Prevot G, Lacoste V

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 11(7):e0005764 2017

Tyroscherin and tyroscherin analogs from Pseudallescheria boydii SNB-CN85 isolated from termite Termes cf. hispaniolae

Sorres J, Nirma C, Barthélemy M, Eparvier V, Stien D

Phytochemistry Letters, 22:142-144 2017

The biological background of a recurrently emerging infectious disease: prevalence, diversity and host specificity of Avipoxvirus in wild Neotropical birds

Moens MA, PérezTris J, Milá B, Benítez L

Journal of Avian Biology, 48:1041-1046 2017

Pseudallicins A-D: Four Complex Ovalicin Derivatives from Pseudallescheria boydii SNB-CN85

Sorres J, Nirma C, Eparvier V, Stien D

Organic Letters, 19:3978-3981 2017

Optimized experimental workflow for tandem mass spectrometry molecular networking in metabolomics

Olivon F, Roussi F, Litaudon M, Touboul D

Analytic Bioanalytic Chemistry, 409(24):5767-5778 2017

New acorane sesquiterpenes isolated from the endophytic fungus Colletotrichum gloeosporioides SNB-GSS07

André A, Wojtowicz N, Touré K, Stien D, Eparvier V

Tetrahedron Letters, 58:1269-1272 2017

MZmine 2 data-preprocessing to enhance molecular networking reliability

Olivon F, Grelier G, Roussi F, Litaudon M, Touboul D

Analytical Chemistry, 89:7836-7840 2017

Multiple Streptomyces species with distinct secondary metabolomes have identical 16S rRNA gene sequences

Antony-Babu S, Stien D, Eparvier V, Parrot D, Tomasi S, Suzuki MT

Scientific reports, 7:11089 2017

Large Diversity and Original Structures of Acyl-Homoserine Lactones in Strain MOLA 401, a Marine Rhodobacteraceae Bacterium

Doberva M, Stien D, Hue N, Sanchez-Ferandin S, Eparvier V, Lebaron P, Lami R

Frontiers in Microbiology, 8:1152 2017

Isolation, purification and chemical characterization of a new angucyclinone compound produced by a new halotolerant Nocardiopsis sp. HR-4 strain

Hadj Rabia-Boukhalfa Y, Eveno Y, Karama S, Selama O, Lauga B, Duran R, Eparvier V

World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 33:126 2017

Isolation of premyrsinane, myrsinane, and tigliane diterpenoids from Euphorbia pithyusa using a chikungunya virus cell-based assay and analogue annotation by molecular networking

Esposito M, Nothias LF, Retailleau P, Costa J, Roussi F, Neyts J, Leyssen P, Touboul D, Litaudon M, Paolini J

Journal of Natural Products, 80:2051-2059 2017

Environmentally Friendly Procedure Based on Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Tandem Mass Spectrometry Molecular Networking For the Discovery of Potent Antiviral Compounds From Euphorbia semiperfoliata

Nothias LF, Boutet-Mercey S, Cachet X, De La Torre E, Laboureur L, Gallard JF, Retailleau P, Brunelle A, Dorrestein PC, Costa J, Bedoya LM, Roussi F, Leyssen P, Alcami J, Paolini J, Litaudon M, Touboul D

Journal of Natural Products, 80:2620-2629 2017

Dual Beam Depth Profiling and Imaging with Argon and Bismuth Clusters of Prenylated Stilbenes on Glandular Trichomes of Macaranga vedeliana

Péresse T, Elie N, Touboul D, Pham V C, Dumontet V, Roussi F, Litaudon M, Brunelle A

Analytical Chemistry, 89:9247-9252 2017

Does soil pyrogenic carbon determine plant functional traits in Amazon Basin forests?

Massi KG, Bird M, Marimon BS, MarimonJr. BH, Nogueira DS, Oliveira EA, Phillips OL, Quesada CA, Andrade AS, Brienen RJW, Camargo JLC, Chave J, HonorioCoronado EN, Ferreira LV, Higuchi N, Laurance SG, Laurance WF, Lovejoy T, Malhi Y, Martínez RV, Monteagudo A, Neill D, Prieto A, Ramírez-Angulo H, ter Steege H, Vilanova E , Feldpausch TR

Plant Ecology, 218(9):1047-1062 2017

Cytotoxic prenylated stilbenes isolated from Macaranga tanarius

Péresse T, Jezequel G, Allard PM, Van-Cuong P, Huong DTM, Blanchard F, Bignon J, Levaique H, Wolfender JL, Litaudon M, Roussi F

Journal of Natural Products, 80:2684-2691 2017

Community variation in wood density along a bioclimatic gradient on a hyper‐diverse tropical island

Ibanez T, Chave J, Barrabé L, Elodie B, Boutreux T, Trueba S, Vandrot H, Birnbaum P

Journal of Vegetation Science, 28:19-33 2017

Chemical diversity and antimicrobial activity of the essential oils of four Apiaceae species growing wild in Lebanon

Khoury M, Ouaini N, Berouthy M, Eparvier V, Stien D

Journal of Essential Oil Research, 30:25-31 2017

Bioactive natural products prioritization using massive multi-informational molecular networks

Olivon F, Allard PM, Koval A, Righi D, Genta-Jouve G, Neyts J, Appel C, Pannecouque C, Nothias LF, Cachet X, Marcourt L, Roussi F, Katanaev VL, Touboul D, Wolfender JL, Litaudon M

ACS Chemical Biology, 12:2644-2651 2017

Assimilating satellite‐based canopy height within an ecosystem model to estimate aboveground forest biomass

Joetzjer E, Pillet M, Ciais P, Barbier N, Chave J, Schlund M, Maignan F, Barichivich J, Luyssaert S, Hérault B, von Poncet F, Poulter B,

Geophysical Research Letters, 44(13):6823-6832 2017

An integrative approach to decipher the chemical antagonism between the competing endophytes Paraconiothyrium variabile and Bacillus subtilis

Vallet M, Vanbellingen Q P,  Fu T, Le Caer J P, Della-Negra S, Touboul D, Duncan K R, Nay B, Brunelle A, Prado S

Journal of Natural Product, 80:2863-2873 2017

(+)- and (–)-Ecarlottones, Uncommon Chalconoids from Fissistigma latifolium with Proapoptotic Activity

Gény C, Abou Samra A, Retailleau P, Iorga BI, Nedev H, Awang K, Roussi F, Litaudon M, Dumontet V

Journal of Natural Products, 80:3179-3185 2017

Estimating the aboveground biomass in an old secondary forest on limestone in the Moluccas, Indonesia: Comparing locally developed versus existing allometric models

Stas SM, Rutishauser E, Chave J, Anten NP, Laumonier Y

Forest Ecology and Management, 389:27-34 2017

biomass: an r package for estimating above‐ground biomass and its uncertainty in tropical forests

Réjou‐Méchain M, Tanguy A, Piponiot C, Chave J, Hérault B

Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 8:1163-1167 2017

Tandem Biocatalysis Unlocks the Challenging de Novo Production of Plant Natural Products

Duplais C, Estevez Y

ChemBioChem, 18:2192-2195 2017

Large-scale patterns of fish diversity and assemblage structure in the longest tropical river in Asia

Chea R, Lek S, Ngor P, Grenouillet G

Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 26:575-585 2017

Convergent structure and function of mycelial galleries in two unrelated Neotropical plant-ants

Mayer VE, Lauth J, Orivel J

Insectes Sociaux, 64(3):365-371 2017

Quantifying deforestation and forest degradation with thermal response

Lin H, Chen Y, Song Q, Fu P, Cleverly J, Magliulo V, Law BE, Gough CM, Hörtnagl L, Di Gennaro F, Matteucci G, Montagnani L, Duce P, Shao C, Kato T, Bonal D, Paul-Limoges E, Beringer J, Grace J, Fan Z

Science of The Total Environment, 607-608:1286-1292 2017

Continuous soil carbon storage of old permanent pastures in Amazonia

Stahl C, Fontaine S, Klumpp K, Picon-Cochard C, Grise MM, Dezécache C, Ponchant L, Freycon V, Blanc L, Bonal D, Burban B, Soussana J-F, Blanfort V

Global Change Biology, 23(8):3382-3392 2017

Evolutionary changes in symbiont community structure in ticks

Duron O, Binetruy F, Noël V, Cremaschi J, McCoy K, Arnathau C, Plantard O, Goolsby J, Pérez de Léon AA, Heylen DJA, Van Oosten AR, Gottlieb Y, Baneth G, Guglielmone AA, Estrada-Peña A, Opara MN, Zenner L, Vavre F, Chevillon C

Molecular Ecology, 26:2905-2921 2017

The tick microbiome: why non-pathogenic microorganisms matter in tick biology and pathogen transmission

Bonnet S, Binetruy F, Hernandez-Jarguin A, Duron O

Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 7:236 2017

Modelling ecological and socio-economic feedbacks of Buruli ulcer in sub-saharan Africa: results from a field study in Cameroon

Garchitorena A, Bonds MH, Ngonghala CN, Guégan J-F, Roche B

The Lancet, 389:S9 2017

A novel framework to account for ecological drivers in the control and elimination of environmentally transmitted disease: a modelling study

De Leo GA,  Sokolow SH, Garchitorena A, Ngonghala CN, Lund A, Barry M, Burke KS, Mordecal EA, Daily GC, Jones JH, Andrews JR, Bendavid E, Luby SP, LaBeaud AD, Seetah K, Guégan J-F, Lafferty K, Wood CL, Jones IJ, Bonds MH

The Lancet, 389:S5 2017

Mycobacterium ulcerans infection (Buruli ulcer) in French Guiana, South America, 1969-2013: an epidemiological study

Douine M, Gozlan RE, Nacher M, Dufour J, Reynaud Y, Elguero E, Combe M, Velvin CJ, Chevillon C, Berlioz-Arthaud A, Labbé S, Sainte-Marie D, Guégan J-F, Pradinaud R, Couppié P

The Lancet Planetary Health, 1:e65-e73 2017

Mapping plant area index of tropical evergreen forest by airborne laser scanning. A cross-validation study using LAI2200 optical sensor

Vincent G, Antin C, Laurans M, Heurtebize J, Durrieu S, Lavalley C, Dauzat J

Remote Sensing of Environment, 198:254-266 2017

Quantifying micro-environmental variation in tropical rainforest understory at landscape scale by combining airborne LiDAR scanning and a sensor network

Tymen B, Vincent G, Courtois EA, Heurtebize J, Dauzat J, Marechaux I, Chave J

Annals of Forest Science, 74:32 2017

Tropical rainforests that persisted: inferences from the Quaternary demographic history of eight tree species in the Guiana shield

Barthe S, Binelli G, Herault B, Scotti-Saintagne C, Sabatier D, Scotti I

Molecular Ecology, 26:1161-1174 2017

Estimating and interpreting migration of Amazonian forests using spatially implicit and semi-explicit neutral models

Pos E, Guevara Andino JE, Sabatier D, Molino J-F, Pitman N, Mogollón H, Neill D, Cerón C, Rivas-Torres G, Di Fiore A, Thomas R, Tirado M, Young KR, Wang O, Sierra R, García-Villacorta R, Zagt R, Palacios Cuenca W, Aulestia M, ter Steege H

Ecology and Evolution, 7:4254-4265 2017

Estimating species richness in hyper-diverse large tree communities

ter Steege H, Sabatier D, Mota de Oliveira S, Magnusson WE, Molino J-F, Gomes VF, Pos ET, Salomão RP

Ecology, 98(5):1444-1454 2017

The genus Resinicium in French Guiana and the West Indies: a morphological and molecular survey, revealing Resinicium grandisporum sp. nov.

Gruhn G, Dumez S, Moreau PA, Roy M, Morreale O, Schimann H, Courtecuisse R

Cryptogamie Mycologie, 38(4):469-483 2017

Zika virus: an update review of competent or naturally infected mosquitoes

Epelboin Y, Talaga S, Epelboin L, Dusfour I

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 11(11):e0005933 2017

Viruses hosted by rodents in French Guiana

Lavergne A, Matheus S, Catzeflis F, Donato D, Lacoste V, de Thoisy B

Virologie, 21(3):130-146 2017

Virome analysis of two sympatric bat species (Desmodus rotundus and Molossus molossus) in French Guiana

Salmier A, Tirera S, de Thoisy B, Franc A, Darcissac E, Donato D, Bouchier C, Lacoste V, Lavergne A

PLoS ONE, 12(11):e0186943 2017

Two new tetrahydrofuran derivatives from the fungus Mucor spp. SNB-VECD11D isolated from the Chrysomelidae Acalymma bivittula

Toure S, Dusfour I, Stien D, Eparvier V

Tetrahedron Letters, 58:3727-3729 2017

Toward a general tropical forest biomass prediction model from very high resolution optical satellite images

Ploton P, Barbier N, Couteron P, Antin CM, Ayyappan N, Balachandran N, Barathan N, Bastin J-F, Chuyong G, Dauby G, Droissart V, Gastellu-Etchegorry J-P, Kamdem NG, Kenfack D, Libalah M, Mofack G II, Momo ST, Pargal S, Petronelli P, Proisy C, Réjou-Méchain M, Sonké B, Texier N, Thomas D, Verley P, Zebaze Dongmo D, Berger U, Pélissier R

Remote Sensing of Environment, 200:140-153 2017

Sustainable development policies in French Guiana: sovereignty over forest resources

Aubertin C & Pons S

Territoire en Mouvement 2017

Sipaneopsis (Sipaneeae, Ixoroideae): a unique flowering process in the family Rubiaceae and its taxonomic significance

Delprete PG

Phytotaxa, 302(1):40-48 2017

Moving forward socio-economically focused models of deforestation

Dezecache C, Salles J-M, Vieilledent G & Herault B

Global Change Biology, 23:3484-3500 2017

Measuring temporal trends in biodiversity

Buckland ST, Yuan Y & Marcon E

Advances in Statistical Analysis, 101:461-474 2017

How social structure drives the population dynamics of the common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus, Phyllostomidae)?

Huguin M, Arechiga-Ceballos N, Delaval M, Guidez A, de Castro IJ, Lacoste V, Salmier A, Aguilar Setien A, Regina Silva C, Lavergne A, de Thoisy B

Journal of Heredity 2017

Geographical variation in community divergence: insights from tropical forest monodominance by ectomycorrhizal trees

Fukami T, Nakajima M, Fortunel C, Fine PVA, Baraloto C, Russo SE & Peay KG

American Naturalist, 190:S105-S122 2017

Exploring fungus-plant N transfer in a tripartite ant-plant-fungus mutualism

Leroy C, Jauneau A, Martinez Y, Cabin-Flaman A, Gibouin D, Orivel J & Séjalon-Delmas N

Annals of Botany, 120(3):417-426 2017

Evaluation of jatrophane esters from Euphorbia spp. as modulators of Candida albicans multidrug transporters

Esposito M, Nim S, Nothias L-F, Gallard J-F, Rawal MK, Costa J, Roussi F, Prasad R, Di Pietro A, Paolini J & Litaudon M

Journal of Natural Products, 80:479-487 2017

Ephemeral-habitat colonization and neotropical species richness of Caenorhabditis nematodes

Ferrari C, Salle R, Callemeyn-Torre N, Jovelin R, Cutter AD & Braendle C

BioRxiv 2017

Disentangling competitive vs. climatic drivers of tropical forest mortality

Pillet M, Joetzjer E, Belmin C, Chave J, Ciais P, Dourdain A, Evans M, Herault B, Luyssaert S & Poulter B

Journal of Ecology 2017

Climate drivers of the Amazon forest greening

Wagner FH, Herault B, Rossi V, Hilker T, Maeda EE, Sanchez A, Lyapustin AI, Galvão LS, Wang Y & Aragão LEOC

PLoS ONE, 12(7):e0180932 2017

Chemical composition and antifungal activity of the essential oil of Varronia schomburgkii (DC.) Borhidi (Cordiaceae) from plants cultivated in French Guiana

Scotto CI, Burger P, Khodjet el Khil M, Ginouves M, Prevot G, Blanchet D, Delprete PG & Fernandez X

Journal of Essential Oil Research, 29(4):304-312 2017

Biological traits, rather than environment, shape detection curves of large vertebrates in neotropical rainforests

Denis T, Richard-Hansen C, Brunaux O, Etienne M-P, Guitet S & Herault B

Ecological Applications, 27(5):1564-1577 2017

Antiplasmodial activities of dyes against Plasmodium falciparum asexual and sexual stages: Contrasted uptakes of triarylmethanes Brilliant green, Green S (E142), and Patent Blue V (E131) by erythrocytes

Leba L-J, Popovici J, Estevez Y, Pelleau S, Legrand E, Musset L & Duplais C

International Journal for Parasitology, 7:314-320 2017

Alder and the Golden Fleece: high diversity of Frankia and ectomycorrhizal fungi revealed from Alnus glutinosa subsp. barbata roots close to a Tertiary and glacial refugium

Roy M, Pozzi AC, Gareil R, Nagati M, Manzi S, Nouioui I, Sharikadze N, Jargeat P, Gryta H, Moreau P-A, Fernandez MP, Gardes M

PeerJ, 5:e3479 2017

A new weed in Florida, Spermacoce latifolia, and the distinction between S. alata and S. latifolia (Spermacoceae, Rubiaceae)

Wiersema JH, Delprete PG, Kirkbride JH & Franck AR

Castanea, 82(2):114-131 2017

A global database on freshwater fish species occurrence in drainage basins

Tedesco PA, Beauchard O, Bigorne R, Blanchet S, Buisson L, Conti L, Cornu J-F, Dias MS, Grenouillet G, Hugueny B, Jézéquel C, Leprieur F, Brosse S, Oberdorff T

Scientific Data, 4:170141 2017

Functional ecology of fish: current approaches and future challenges

Villéger S, Brosse S, Mouchet M, Mouillot D & Vanni MJ

Aquatic Sciences, 79:783-801 2017

High-throughput sequencing of kDNA amplicons for the analysis of Leishmania minicircles and identification of Neotropical species

Kocher A, Valière S, Banuls AL & Murienne J

Parasitology, xx 2017

What drives detrital decomposition in Neotropical tank bromeliads?

Leroy C, Corbara B, Dézerald O, Trzcinski K, Carrias JF, Dejean A & Céréghino R

Hydrobiologia, 802(1):85-95 2017

Urbanization impacts the taxonomic and functional structure of aquatic macroinvertebrate communities in a small Neotropical city

Talaga S, Dézerald O, Carteron A, Leroy C, Carrias JF, Céréghino R & Dejean A

Urban Ecosystems, 20(5):1001-1009 2017

The latitudinal diversity gradient in New World swallowtail butterflies is caused by contrasting patterns of out-of- and into-the-tropics dispersal

Owens H, Lewis DS, Dupuis JR, Clamens AL, Sperling FAH, Kawahara AY, Guralnick RP & Condamine FL

Global Ecology and Biogeography, xx 2017

Structural adaptations and mechanism of reflex bleeding in the larvae of the myrmecophilous ladybird Diomus thoracicus

Roux O, Vantaux A, Petitclerc F, Orivel J, Dejean A & Billen J

Arthropod Structure and Development, 46(4):529-536 2017

Litter-dwelling ants as bioindicators to gauge the sustainability of small arboreal monocultures embedded in the Amazonian rainforest

Groc S, Delabie JHC, Fernandez F, Petitclerc F, Corbara B, Leponce M, Céréghino R & Dejean A

Ecological Indicators, 82:43-49 2017

Larval interference competition between the native Neotropical mosquito Limatus durhamii and the invasive Aedes aegypti improves the fitness of both species

Talaga S, Dejean A, Mouza C, Dumont Y & Leroy C

Insect Science, xx 2017

iDNA screening: disease vectors as vertebrate samplers

Kocher A, de Thoisy B, Catzeflis F, Valiere S, Bañuls AL & Murienne J

Molecular Ecology, xx 2017

Hollow internodes permit a Neotropical understory plant to shelter multiple mutualistic ant species, obtaining protection and nutrient provisioning (myrmecotrophy)

Dejean A, Petitclerc F, Compin A, Azémar F, Corbara B, Delabie JHC & Leroy C

The American Naturalist, 190(5) 2017

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome caused by Maripa virus in French Guiana, 2008-2016

Matheus S, Kallel H, Mayence C, Bremand L, Houcke S, Rousset D, Lacoste V, de Thoisy B, Hommel D & Lavergne A

Emerging Infectious Diseases, 23(10):1722-1725 2017

Environmental drivers of community diversity in a Neotropical urban landscape – a multi-scale analysis

Talaga S, Petitclerc F, Carrias JF, Dézerald O, Leroy C, Céréghino R & Dejean A

Landscape Ecology, 32(9):1805-1818 2017

Multiple geographical origins of environmental sex determination enhanced diversification of Darwin’s favourite orchids

Perez-Escobar OA, Chomicki G, Condamine FL, de Vos J, Martins AC, Schmidt EC, Gerlach G, Heinrichs J 

Scientific Reports, 7 2017

Taxonomy, morphology and distribution of Atractus flammigerus Boie, 1827 (Serpentes: Dipsadidae)

Passos P, Ramos LO, Fouquet A, Prudente ALC

Herpetologica, in press 2017

O modelo pressão-estado-resposta como ordenador eficaz de indicadores ambientais e sustentáveis

Nobrega B, Gros-Desormeaux JR, Tupiassu L

Direitos Humanos na Amazônia, Salvador, Juspodivm/Cesupa:415-437 2017

El medio ambiente en la dinámica formal de los derechos del hombre

Tupiassu L, Gros-Desormeaux JR

Direito ambiental, sustentabilidade e direitos da natureza I, Florianópolis, Condepi:98-114 2017

As vivid as a weed… Medicinal and cosmetic plant uses amongst the urban youth in French Guiana

Tareau MA, Palisse M, Odonne G

Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 203:200-213 2017

Participação dos entes estaduais e municipais no regime de acesso aos recursos genéticos: ofensa ao pacto federativo quanto aos bens de sua dominialidade e à repartição equitativa dos benefícios

Bastos R

A “nova” lei n.°13.123/2015 no velho marco legal da biodiversidade: entre retrocessos e violações de direitos socioambientais, São Paulo, Inst. o direito por um planeta verde:177-186 2017

Advocacy coalitions and protected areas creation process: case study in the Amazon

Nicolle S, Leroy M

Journal of Environmental Management, 198:99-109 2017

Altitudinal gradients, biogeographic history and microhabitat adaptation affect fine-scale spatial genetic structure in African and Neotropical populations of an ancient tropical tree species

Torroba-Balmori P, Budde KB, Heer K, Gonzalez-Martinez SC, Olsson S, Scotti-Saintagne C, Casalis M, Sonke B, Dick CW, Heuertz M

PLoS ONE, 12(8):e0182515 2017

Disentangling spatial and environmental determinants of fish species richness and assemblage structure in Neotropical rainforest streams

Cilleros K, Allard L, Vigouroux R, Brosse S

Freshwater Biology, 62(10):1707-1720 2017

Beyond the carapace: skull shape variation and morphological systematics of long-nosed armadillos (genus Dasypus)

Hautier L, Billet G, de Thoisy B, Delsuc F

PeerJ, 5:e3650 2017

The hidden anatomy of paranasal sinuses reveals geographically distinct morphotypes in the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus)

Billet G, Hautier L, de Thoisy B, Delsuc F

PeerJ, 5:e3593 2017

The predatory behavior of the Neotropical social wasp Polybia rejecta

Dejean A, Rodríguez-Pérez H, Carpenter JM, Azémar F, Corbara B

Behavioural Processes, 140:161-168 2017

Predicting resource use in ant species and entire communities by studying their morphological traits: Influence of habitat and subfamily

Salas-López A

Ecological Indicators, 78:183-191 2017

Applying sewage epidemiology approach to estimate illicit drug consumption in a tropical context: Bias related to sewage temperature and pH

Devault DA, Lévi Y, Karolak S

Science of the Total Environment, 584-585:252–258 2017

Trade-offs in an ant–plant–fungus mutualism

Orivel J, Malé P-J, Lauth J, Roux O, Petitclerc F, Dejean A, Leroy C

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 284(1850):20161679 2017

The generalized Simpson’s entropy is a measure of biodiversity

Grabchak M, Marcon E, Lang G, Zhang Z

PLoS ONE, 12(3):e0173305 2017

Revisiting Previously Investigated Plants: A Molecular Networking-Based Study of Geissospermum laeve

Fox Ramos AE, Alcover C, Evanno L, Maciuk A, Litaudon M, Duplais C, Bernadat G, Gallard JF, Jullian JC, Mouray E, Grellier P, Loiseau PM, Pomel S, Poupon E, Champy P, Beniddir MA

Journal of Natural Products, 80(4):1007-1014 2017

Nutrient-cycling mechanisms other than the direct absorption from soil may control forest structure and dynamics in poor Amazonian soils

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Disease ecology, health and the environment: a framework to account for ecological and socio-economic drivers in the control of neglected tropical diseases

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