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Regulation of nitrogen fixation from free-living organisms in soil and leaf litter of two tropical forests of the Guiana shield

Van Langenhove L, Depaepe T, Vicca S, van den Berge J, Stahl C, Courtois E, Weedon J, Urbina I, Grau O, Asensio D, Peñuelas J, Boeckx P, Richter A, Van Der Straeten D, Janssens IA

Plant and Soil 2019
Nutrient scarcity strengthens soil fauna control over leaf litter decomposition in tropical rainforests

Peguero G, Sardans J, Asensio D, Fernández-Martínez M, Gargallo-Garriga A, Grau O, Llusià J, Margalef O, Márquez L, Ogaya R, Urbina I, Courtois E, Stahl C, Van Langenhove L, Verryckt LT, Richter A, Janssens IA, Peñuelas J

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2019
Weak warning signals can persist in the absence of gene flow

Lawrence JP, Rojas B, Fouquet A, Mappes J, Blanchette A, Saporito R, Bosque R, Courtois E, Noonan B

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2019
Do Host Plant and Associated Ant Species Affect Microbial Communities in Myrmecophytes?

Ruiz-González MX, Leroy C, Dejean A, Gryta H, Jargeat P, Armijos Carrión AD, Orivel J

Insects 2019
Aquatic eDNA for monitoring French Guiana biodiversity

Murienne J, Cantera I, Cerdan A, Cilleros K, Decotte J-B, Dejean T, Vigouroux R, Brosse S

Biodiversity data journal 2019
A New High-Throughput Tool to Screen Mosquito-Borne Viruses in Zika Virus Endemic/Epidemic Areas

Moutailler S, Yousfi L, Mousson L, Devillers E, Vazeille M, Vega-Rúa A, Perrin Y, Jourdain F, Chandre F, Cannet A, Chantilly S, Restrepo J, Guidez A, Dusfour I, Vieira Santos de Abreu F, Pereira dos Santos T, Jiolle D, Visser T, Koenraadt CJM, Wongsokarijo M, Diallo M, Diallo D, Gaye A, Boyer S, Duong V, Piorkowski G, Paupy C, Lourenco de Oliveira R, de Lamballerie X, Failloux AB

Viruses 2019
The effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on plant functional traits and functional diversity: what do we know so far?

Zambrano J, Garzon-Lopez CX, Yeager L, Fortunel C, Cordeiro NJ, Beckman NG

Oecologia 2019
Influence of Mutualistic Lifestyle, Mutualistic Partner, and Climate on Cuticular Hydrocarbon Profiles in Parabiotic Ants

Sprenger PP, Hartke J, Feldmeyer B, Orivel J, Schmitt T, Schmitt T

Journal of Chemical Ecology 2019
Ecological niche modelling for predicting the risk of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Neotropical moist forest biome

Chavy A, Ferreira Dales Nava A, Luiz Bessa Luz S, Ramirez JD, Herrera G, Vasconcelos dos Santos T, Ginouves M, Demar M, Prévot G, Guégan JF, de Thoisy B

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2019
Automatic high-frequency measurements of full soil greenhouse gas fluxes in a tropical forest

Courtois EA, Stahl C, Burban B, Van den Berge J, Berveiller D, Brechet L, Soong JL, Arriga N, Penuelas J, Janssens IA

Additional studies in Neobertiera (Rubiaceae, Sipaneeae): a new species from the state of Para, Brazilian Amazon, and a new combination for a species from French Guiana

Delprete PG

Graphiola fimbriata: the first species of Graphiolaceae (Exobasidiales, Basidiomycota) described only based on its yeast stage

Nasr S, Lutz M, Amoozegar MA, Eparvier V, Stien D, Fazeli SAS, Yurkov A

Amaioua longipedicellata (Rubiaceae, Gardenieae), a new species from the Brazilian Atlantic coast

Delprete PG, Jardim JG

Forest degradation and biomass loss along the Choco region of Colombia

Meyer V, Saatchi S, Ferraz A, Xu L, Duque A, Garcia M, Chave J

One-locus-several-primers: A strategy to improve the taxonomic and haplotypic coverage in diet metabarcoding studies

Corse E, Tougard C, Archambaud-Suard G, Agnese JF, Mandeng FDM, Bilong CFB, Duneau D, Zinger L, Chappaz R, Xu CCY, Meglecz E, Dubut V

Structural Identification of Antibacterial Lipids from Amazonian Palm Tree Endophytes through the Molecular Network Approach

Barthelemy M, Elie N, Pellissier L, Wolfender JL, Stien D, Touboul D, Eparvier V

A new species of Anomaloglossus (Anura: Aromobatidae) of the stepheni group with the redescription of A. baeobatrachus (Boistel and de Massary, 1999), and an amended definition of A. leopardus Ouboter and Jairam, 2012

Fouquet A, Vacher JP, Courtois EA, Deschamps C, Ouboter P, Jairam R, Gaucher P, Dubois A, Kok PJR

Surface sterilization methods impact measures of internal microbial diversity in ticks

Binetruy F, Dupraz M, Buysse M, Duron O

On the Likelihood of the Borda Effect: The Overall Probabilities for General Weighted Scoring Rules and Scoring Runoff Rules

Kamwa E

Does intraspecific variability matter in ecological risk assessment? Investigation of genotypic variations in three macrophyte species exposed to copper

Dumont ER, Larue C, Lorber S, Gryta H, Billoir E, Gross EM, Elger A

Can timber provision from Amazonian production forests be sustainable?

Piponiot C, Rodig E, Putz FE, Rutishauser E, Sist P, Ascarrunz N, Blanc L, Derroire G, Descroix L, Guedes MC, Coronado EH, Huth A, Kanashiro M, Licona JC, Mazzei L, d’Oliveira MVN, Pena-Claros M, Rodney K, Shenkin A, de Souza CR, Vidal E, West TAP, Worter V, Herault B

Investigation of Premyrsinane and Myrsinane Esters in Euphorbia cupanii and Euphobia pithyusa with MS2LDA and Combinatorial Molecular Network Annotation Propagation

Nothias-Esposito M, Nothias LF, Da Silva RR, Retailleau P, Zhang Z, Leyssen P, Roussi F, Touboul D, Paolini J, Dorrestein PC, Litaudon M

Local predation risk and matrix permeability interact to shape movement strategy

Winandy L, Cote J, Di Gesu L, Pellerin F, Trochet A, Legrand D

OIKOS 2019
The antifungal potential of (Z)-ligustilide and the protective effect of eugenol demonstrated by a chemometric approach

Rodrigues AMS, Eparvier V, Odonne G, Amusant N, Stien D, Houel E

Water and nutrient uptake capacity of leaf-absorbing trichomes vs. roots in epiphytic tank bromeliads

Leroy C, Gril E, Ouali LS, Coste S, Gerard B, Maillard P, Mercier H, Stahl C

Upscaling Forest Biomass from Field to Satellite Measurements: Sources of Errors and Ways to Reduce Them

Rejou-Mechain M, Barbier N, Couteron P, Ploton P, Vincent G, Herold M, Mermoz S, Saatchi S, Chave J, de Boissieu F, Feret JB, Takoudjou SM, Pelissier R

Drainage network position and historical connectivity explain global patterns in freshwater fishes’ range size

Carvajal-Quintero J, Villalobos F, Oberdorff T, Grenouillet G, Brosse S, Hugueny B, Jezequel C, Tedesco PA

Temperature rising would slow down tropical forest dynamic in the Guiana Shield

Aubry-Kientz M, Rossi V, Cornu G, Wagner F, Herault B

Facilitation of Balsam Fir by Trembling Aspen in the Boreal Forest: Do Ectomycorrhizal Communities Matter?

Nagati M, Roy M, Desrochers A, Manzi S, Bergeron Y, Gardes M

Explosive breeding in tropical anurans: environmental triggers, community composition and acoustic structure

Ulloa JS, Aubin T, Llusia D, Courtois EA, Fouquet A, Gaucher P, Pavoine S, Sueur J

Population variability of rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) NAT1 gene for arylamine N-acetyltransferase 1: Functional effects and comparison with human

Boukouvala S, Chasapopoulou Z, Giannouri D, Kontomina E, Marinakis N, Rizou SV, Stefani I, Tsirka T, Veyssiere C, Zaliou S, Sabbagh A, Crouau-Roy B, Fakis G

Coordinated community structure among trees, fungi and invertebrate groups in Amazonian rainforests

Vleminckx J, Schimann H, Decaëns T, Fichaux M, Vedel V, Jaouen G, Roy M, Lapied E, Engel J, Dourdain A, Petronelli P, Orivel J, Baraloto C

Scientific Reports 2019
Binational burden of American cutaneous leishmaniasis in oiapoque, Amapá State, Brazil, bordering french Guiana

Vasconcelos-Dos-santos T, Chaves RCG, Prévot G, Silveira FT, Póvoa MM, Rangel EF

Revista Da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical 2019
Dominant tree species drive beta diversity patterns in western Amazonia

Draper FC, Asner GP, Honorio Coronado EN, Baker TR, García‐Villacorta R, Pitman NCA, Fine PVA, Phillips OL, Zárate Gómez R, Amasifuén Guerra CA, Flores Arévalo M, Vásquez Martínez R, Brienen RJW, Monteagudo‐Mendoza A, Torres Montenegro LA, Valderrama Sandoval E, Roucoux KH, Ramírez Arévalo FR, Mesones Acuy Í, Del Aguila Pasquel J, Tagle Casapia X, Flores Llampazo G, Corrales Medina M, Reyna Huaymacari J, Baraloto C

Ecology 2019
Evolutionary transcriptomics reveals the origins of olives and the genomic changes associated with their domestication

Gros-Balthazard M, Besnard G, Sarah G, Holtz Y, Leclercq J, Santoni S, Wegmann D, Glemin S, Khadari B

A spatiotemporal natural-human database to evaluate road development impacts in an Amazon trinational frontier

Klarenberg G, Muñoz-Carpena R, Perz S, Baraloto C, Marsik M, Southworth J, Zhu L

Scientific Data 2019
Different phenotypic plastic responses to predators observed among aphid lineages specialized on different host plants

Sentis A, Bertram R, Dardenne N, Ramon-Portugal F, Louit I, Le Trionnaire G, Simon J-C, Magro A, Pujol B, Hemptinne J-L, Danchin E

Scientific Reports 2019
Macrocyclic Diterpenoids from Euphorbiaceae as A Source of Potent and Selective Inhibitors of Chikungunya Virus Replication

Remy S, Litaudon M

Molecules 2019
Phylogenomics using low‐depth whole genome sequencing: A case study with the olive tribe

Olofsson JK, Cantera I, Van de Paer C, Hong‐Wa C, Zedane L, Dunning LT, Alberti A, Christin P‐A, Besnard G

Molecular Ecology Resources 2019
Scaling issues of neutral theory reveal violations of ecological equivalence for dominant Amazonian tree species

Pos E, Guevara JE, Molino J‐F, Sabatier D, Bánki OS, Pitman NCA, Mogollón HF, García‐Villacorta R, Neill D, Phillips OL, Cerón C, Ríos Paredes M, Núñez Vargas P, Dávila N, Fiore AD, Rivas‐Torres G, Thomas‐Caesar R, Vriesendorp C, Young KR, Tirado M, Wang O, Sierra R, Mesones I, Zagt R, Vasquez R, Ahuite Reategui MA, Palacios Cuenca W, Valderrama Sandoval EH, ter Steege H

Ecology Letters 2019
Improving plant allometry by fusing forest models and remote sensing.

Fischer FJ, Maréchaux I, Chave J

New Phytologist 2019
Wood density variations of legume trees in French Guiana along the shade tolerance continuum: heartwood effects on radial paterns and gradients

Lehnebach R, Bossu J, Va S, Morel H, Amusant N, Nicolini E, Beauchene J

Forests 2019
Unlocking biodiversity and conservation studies in high diversity environments using environmental DNA (eDNA): a test with Guianese freshwater fishes

Cilleros K, Valentini A, Allard L, Dejean T, Etienne R, Grenouilet G, Taberlet P, Vigouroux R, Brosse S

Molecular Ecology Resources 2019
Tarsal morphology and locomotor adaptation of some late Middle Eocene caviomorph rodents from Peruvian Amazonia reveal early ecological diversity

Boivin M, Ginot S, Marivaux L, Altamirano-Sierra AJ, Pujos F, Salas-Gismondi R, Tejada-Lara JV, Antoine PO

Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 2019
Spatial patterns and determinants of trait dispersion in freshwater fish assemblages across Europe

Cote J, Kuczynski L, Grenouillet G

Global Ecology and Biogeography 2019
Optimizing environmental DNA sampling effort for fish inventories in tropical streams and rivers

Cantera I, Cilleros K, Valentini A, Cerdan A, Dejean T, Iribar A, Taberlet P, Vigouroux R, Brosse S

Scientific Reports 2019
New insight from the Paleogene record of Amazonia into the early diversification of Caviomorpha (Hystricognathi, Rodentia): phylogenetic, macroevolutionary and paleobiogeographic implications

Boivin M, Marivaux L, Antoine PO

Geodiversitas 2019
Morphological diversity of freshwater fishes differs between realms, but morphologically extreme species are widespread

Su G, Villeger S, Brosse S

Global Ecology and Biogeography 2019
Low to medium-low risk perception for dengue, chikungunya and Zika outbreaks by infectious diseases physicians in France, Western Europe

Le Tyrant M, Bley D, Leport C, Alfandari S, Guégan J-F

BMC Public Health 2019
Lateral transfers of large DNA fragments spread functional genes among grasses

Dunning LT, Olofsson JK, Parisod C, Choudhury RR, Moreno-Villena JJ, Yang Y, Dionora J, Quick WP, Park M, Bennetzen JL, Besnard G, Nosil P, Osborne CP, Christin PA

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2019
Incisor enamel microstructure of Paleogene caviomorph rodents from Contamana and Shapaja (Peruvian Amazonia)

Boivin M, Marivaux L, Salas-Gismondi R, Vieytes EC, Antoine PO

Journal of Mammalian Evolution 2019
Identification of French Guiana sand flies using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry with a new mass spectra library.

Chavy A, Nabet C, Normand AC, Kochr A, Ginouves M, Prévo G, Vasconcelos dos Santos T, Demar M, Piarroux R, de Thoisy B

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2019
Hidden fungal diversity from the Neotropics: Geastrum hirsutum, G. schweinitzii (Basidiomycota, Geastrales) and their allies

Accioly T, Sousa JO, Moreau PA, Lécuru C, Silva BDB, Roy M, Gardes M, Baseia IG, Martin MP

PLoS ONE 2019
Habitats shape taxonomic and functional composition of Neotropical ant assemblages

Fichaux M, Béchade B, Donald J, Weyna A, Delabie JHC, Murienne J, Baraloto C, Orivel J

Oecologia 2019
Environmental variations in Mycobacterium ulcerans transcriptome: absence of mycolactone expression in suboptimal environments

Sanhueza D, Guégan JF, Jordan H, Chevillon C

Toxins 2019
Demographic history and spatial genetic structure in a remnant population of the subtropical tree Anadenanthera colubrina var. cebil (Griseb.) Altschul (Fabaceae)

Goncalves AL, Garcia MV, Heuertz M, Gonzalez-Martinez SC

Annals of Forest Science 2019
Biosynthetic investigation of gamma-lactones in Sextonia rubra wood using in situ TOF-SIMS MS/MS imaging to localize and characterize biosynthetic intermediates

Fu T, Houel E, Amusant N, Touboul D, Genta-Jouve G, Dela-Negra S, Fisher GL, Brunelle A, Duplais C

Scientific Reports 2019
A comprehensive examination of the network position hypothesis across multiple river metacommunities

Henriques-Silva R, Logez M, Reynaud N, Tedesco PA, Brosse S, Januchowsi SR, Oberdorff T, Argillier C

Ecography 2019
3D model related to the publication: A platyrrhine talus from the early Miocene of Peru (Amazonian Madre de Dios Sub-Andean Zone)

Marivaux L , Salas-Gimondi R, Antoine PO

MorphoMuseum 2019
Fungi of French Guiana gathered in a taxonomic, environmental and molecular dataset

Gaëlle Jaouen, Audrey Sagne, Bart Buyck, Cony Decock, Eliane Louisanna, Sophie Manzi, Christopher Baraloto, Mélanie Roy & Heidy Schimann

nature 2019
Ancient tropical extinctions contributed to the latitudinal diversity gradient

Meseguer A.S. & Condamine F.L.

Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology, 236646:. 2019
Streblid bat flies (Diptera) and other ectoparasites on bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) from French Guiana

Graciolli, G., Guerrero, R., & Catzeflis, F.

Biota Neotropica, 19:(4) 2019
Litter size and seasonality in reproduction for Guianan rodents and opossums

Catzeflis, F. M., Lim, B. K., & Da Silva, C. R.

Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment, 54(1):31-39 2019
Reproduction and growth in a Neotropical arboreal mouse: Oecomys rutilus (Sigmodontinae: Cricetidae) in French Guiana

Catzeflis, F.

Biota Neotropica, 19:(2) 2019
CharKey: An electronic identification key for wood charcoals of French Guiana

Bodin, S. C., Scheel-Ybert, R., Beauchêne, J., Molino, J. F., & Bremond, L.

IAWA Journal, 40(1):75-S20 2019
Digging for the spiny rat and hutia phylogeny using a gene capture approach, with the description of a new mammal subfamily.

Courcelle, M. Tilak, M. K., Leite, Y. L., Douzery, E. J., & Fabre, P. H.

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 136, 241-253 2019
Forest giants on different evolutionary branches: Ecomorphological convergence in helicopter damselflies.

Toussaint, E. F., Bybee, S. M., Erickson, R. J., & Condamine, F. L.

Evolution, 73(5),:1045-1054 2019
The contribution of temperature and continental fragmentation to amphibian diversification

Rolland, J & Condamine, F. L.

Journal of Biogeography, 46(8):1857-1873 2019
One‐locus‐several‐primers: A strategy to improve the taxonomic and haplotypic coverage in diet metabarcoding studies

Corse, E., Tougard, C., Archambaud‐Suard, G., Agnèse, J. F., Messu Mandeng, F. D., Bilong Bilong, C. F., Duneau, D., Zinger, L., Chappaz, R., Xu, C. C. Y., Meglécz, E., & Dubut,

Ecology and evolution, 9(8): 4603-4620 2019
NEOTROPICAL XENARTHRANS: a data set of occurrence of xenarthran species in the Neotropics

Santos, P.M. and 501 co-authors (including Delsuc F. and De Thoisy)

Ecology sous presse, e02663:doi:10.1002/ecy.2663 2019
Ancient mitogenomes reveal the evolutionary history and biogeography of sloths

Delsuc F., Kuch M., Gibb G.C., Karpinski E., Hackenberger D., Szpak P., Martínez J.G., Mead J.I., McDonald H.G., MacPhee R.D.E., Billet G., Hautier L. & Poinar H.N.

Current Biology , 29::2031-2042 2019

Mechanical contribution of secondary phloem to postural control in trees: the bark side of the force

Clair B, Ghislain B, Prunier J, Lehnebach R, Beauchene J, Almeras T

New Phytologist, 221:209-217 2019

Wood density variations of legume trees in French Guiana along the shade tolerance continuum: heartwood effects on radial paterns and gradients

Lehnebach R, Bossu J, Va S, Morel H, Amusant N, Nicolini E, Beauchene J

Forests, 10:80 2019

Odontogenic ameloblast-associated (ODAM) is inactivated in toothless/enamelless placental mammals and toothed whales

Springer MS, Emerling CA, Gatesy J, Randall J, Collin MA, Hecker N, Hiller M, Delsuc F

BMC Evolutionary Biology, 19:31 2019

Modelling spatial and temporal dynamics of two small mud carp species in the Tonle Sap flood-pulse ecosystem

Chan B, Sor R, Ngor PB, Baehr C, Lek S

Ecological Modelling, 392:82-91 2019

Interannual and seasonal variations in ecosystem transpiration and water use efficiency in a tropical rainforest

Aguilos M, Stahl C, Burban B, Herault B, Courtois E, Coste S, Wagner F, Ziegler C, Takagi K, Bonal D

Forests, 10:14 2019

Hirtellin lobelii DC. essential oil, its constituents, its combination with antimicrobial drugs and its mode of action

Khoury M, El Beyrouthy M, Ouaini N, Eparvier V, Stien D

Fitoterapia, 133:130-136 2019

From habitat use to social behavior: natural history of a voiceless poison frog, Dendrobates tinctorius

Rojas B, Pasukonis A

bioRxiv 2019

Evolutionary Tinkering of the Mandibular Canal Linked to Convergent Regression of Teeth in Placental Mammals

Ferreira-Cardoso S, Delsuc F, Hautier L

Current Biology, 29:1-8 2019

Development of nuclear and plastid SNP markers for genetic studies of Dipteryx tree species in Amazonia

Coronado ENH, Blanc-Jolivet C, Mader M, Garcia-Davila CR, Sebbenn AM, Meyer-Sand BRV, Paredes-Villanueva K, Tysklind N, Troispoux V, Massot M, Degen B

Conservation Genetics Resources 2019

Comparison of Mycobacterium ulcerans (Buruli ulcer) and Leptospira sp. (Leptospirosis) dynamics in urban and rural settings

Combe M, Gozlan RE, Jagadesh S, Velvin CJ, Ruffine R, Demar MP, Couppie P, Djossou F, Nacher M, Epelboin L

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 13(1):e0007074 2019

Phenotypic and life-history diversification in Amazonian frogs despite past introgressions

Fouquet A, Ferrier B, Salmona J, Tirera S, Vacher JP, Courtois EA, Gaucher P, Dias Lim J, Sales Nunes PM, Marques de Souza S, Rodrigues MT, Noonan B, de Thoisy B

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 130:169-180 2019

Modelling built infrastructure heights to evaluate common assumptions in aquatic conservation

Januchowski-Hartley SR, Jézéquel C, Tedesco PA

Journal of Environmental Management, 232:131-137 2019

Two new classes of Ascomycota: Xylobotryomycetes and Candelariomycetes

Voglmayr H, Fournier J, Jaklitsch WM

Persoonia, 42:36-49 2019

Survey of ticks in French Guiana

Binetruy F, Chevillon C, de Thoisy B, Garnier S, Duron O

Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases, 10:77-85 2019