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“Fête de la Science” of the LabEx CEBA in Maripa-Soula

From the 9th to the 13th of October 2017, the LabEx CEBA will celebrate Science in Maripa-Soula with the school children of Maroni. 8 researchers will meet the students and talk about their research activities and the jobs associated with the study of Amazonian biodiversity.



“Images of Amazonian Biodiversity”, the photographic exhibition of the LabEx CEBA will be installed in the village of Maripa-Soula in collaboration with the Parc Amazonien de Guyane (PAG) and the Municipality of Maripa-Soula. Interactions between the scientists of the CEBA community and the students of the High-Maroni will take place around this exhibition from the 09th to 13th of October 2017. This will be an opportunity to introduce students to the study of Amazonian biodiversity and the related career opportunities. This action is part of the Science Festival which will take place from the 7th to the 15th of October.