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Thematic School 2017 of the LabEx CEBA on Remote Sensing and Biodiversity

The Thematic School of the LabEx CEBA on remote sensing and its potential applications in the study of biodiversity began in Kourou on Sunday 24th of September and lasted all week until Friday 29th of September.

Ouverture de l'école thématique 2017 du LabEx CEBA

Opening of the Thematic School in Kourou

The Thematic School 2017 of the LabEx CEBA brought together 13 doctoral students and post-doctoral students from different universities, national and international institutions. It was an opportunity for exchanges between young researchers concerned by this thematic and speakers from various backgrounds including 8 local stakeholders (DEAL, PAG, NFB, EcoFoG) and 5 external speakers: David Coomes (Univeristy of Cambridge), Mathias Disney (University College London), Jean-Baptiste Feret (IRSTEA-Montpellier), Maria Ferreira Dos Santos (Utrecht University) and Sassan Saatchi (NASA JPL Pasadena).

Working session in Paracou

The days were marked by presentations and discussion groups. A field visit was also planned on the Paracou Research Station where participants were able to visit the Guyaflux Tower and the various plots of the Research Station.

Sortie de terrain

Visit at Paracou

One of the speakers explored the thematic by taking images of the working sessions and surroundings with a Terrestrial Lidar System (TLS). This ooportunity has allowed the sharing of tools, methods and helped build new collaborations.

Travaux pratiques de télédétection

Image taken with a Terestrial Lidar System

Participants of the thematic school also visited the Guianese Space Centre in Kourou. The week ended with a restitution of the work undertaken the days before.

Vise au Centre Spatial Guyanais à Kourou

Visit of the Centre Spatial Guyanais in Kourou

For a personal account of the thematic school: Mathias Disney describes, in his blog, the events that marked this week devoted to Remote Sensing