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about us


Tropical forest ecosystems are being converted at a rapid pace for agriculture or urban development, and it is of fundamental importance to understand how this biodiversity contributes to maintaining ecosystem services, how it may provide resources for human welfare, and whether these environmental changes may critically alter this biodiversity. French Guiana, an overseas Region of France, is an ideal natural laboratory for tropical biodiversity, gathering an unparalleled scientific expertise in the fields of biodiversity research, tropical medicine, tropical forestry, and evolutionary ecology.

The Laboratoire of Excellence CEBA crystallizes a network of internationally recognized French research teams involved in biodiversity research in Amazonia. It fosters cutting-edge research on biodiversity in French Guiana, promotes collaborative research with South American countries, addresses the need for transferring the results of basic research to the society, and contributes to education and training.

Because of its networked structure, its focus on scientific excellence, and its long-term capacity, CEBA is in a unique position to promote innovative research in the field of biodiversity in French Guiana, and act synergistically between academia and stakeholders.


CEBA is a thematic network of research teams. The operational management of CEBA is assured by a Director, a Science Director who assists the Director with the scientific strategy and an Associate Director who is in charge of educational projects. The Board of Directors coordinates the research actions. The Scientific Board provides scientific expertise to the Board of Directors.

executive director

  • Vincent Goujon – LEEISA

scientific director

  • Jérôme Chave – EDB

director in charge of education

  • Eric Marcon – ECOFOG

board of directors

  • Damien Bonal – Silva
  • Jérôme Chave – EDB
  • Justin Daniel – LC2S
  • Alain Franc – BIOGECO
  • Olivier Duron – MIVEGEC
  • Annaïg Le Guen – LEEISA
  • Éric Marcon – ECOFOG
  • Jean-François Molino – AMAP
  • Magalie Demar – EPaT
  • Mirdad Kazanji – IPG
  • David Touboul – ICSN
  • Frédéric Delsuc – ISEM
  • Régis Céréghino – ECOLAB

science board

  • Jérôme Chave (EDB)
  • Fabien Condamine (ISEM)
  • Élodie Courtois (LEEISA)
  • Benoît de Thoisy (IPG)
  • Geraldine Derroire (ECOFOG)
  • Christophe Duplais (ECOFOG)
  • Véronique Éparvier (ICSN)
  • Laure Gandois (ECOLAB)
  • Jean-Raphaël Gros-Désormeaux (LC2S)
  • Myriam Heuertz (BIOGECO)
  • Isabelle Maréchaux (AMAP)
  • Karen McCoy (MIVEGEC)
  • Jérôme Murienne (EDB)
  • Lise Musset (EPAT)
  • Jérôme Orivel (ECOFOG)
  • Heidy Schimann (ECOFOG)
  • Grégoire Vincent (AMAP)

scientific advisory board

  • Eduardo Brondizio – Indiana University – Bloomington, USA
  • Michael Bruford – Cardiff University, UK
  • Phyllis Coley – University of Utah, USA
  • Wolfgang Cramer – CNRS, France
  • Vanessa Ezenwa – University of Georgia, USA
  • Nancy Knowlton – Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, USA