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Amphibians and reptiles from French Guiana under protection

French Guiana, a french Amazonian territory, hosts a huge variety of land-based herpetology wildlife. Today, 124 species of amphibians (included 115 anoures and 9 gymnophionas) and 161 species of reptiles (44 lizars, 3 amphisbaenians, 99 snakes, 11 tortoises and 4 caimans) are documented. The decree of November 19th published in the “Journal Officiel” is successfully validating 4 years of work for the protection of the amphibians and reptiles in French Guiana.

Granville Anomaloglosse (Anomaloglossus degranvillei) is endemic from French Guiana and known in only two places so far. This species who live in small forest creeks is now fully protected and so its habitat. (@ Maël Dewynter)

This text guarantees the full protection of 24 species of amphibians and 32 species of reptiles (21 amphibians and 23 reptiles with their habitats, 3 amphibians and 9 reptiles without their habitats) as well as the prohibition to commercialize and to export all the other species. 

A specific article has been devoted to the common iguana (Iguana iguana)  which remains huntable and marketable on the territory of French Guiana within the limits of the quotas and hunting periods imposed by the prefectural decree of April 2011

Reference of the decree: https://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/jorf/id/JORFTEXT000042601805