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CEBA did its « back to school season » too!

As you probably know, education is extremely important at CEBA. Besides PhD students and many interns working each year with our researchers, CEBA, together with three other universities, is offering training for masters students. The EcoFog team based at Kourou has welcomed 47 students.

Every year since 1994, the ecology, management and valorization of tropical rainforests course (FHT in French) is managed by AgroParisTech. The students’ backgrounds are varied as they come from AgroParisTech and from other graduate schools. Up to 20% of the students are from countries of the European Union, they are either part of the Erasmus Program or research interns. Some others come from other tropical countries (West Africa, India …)

This year, 37 students started the one-month course on September 2nd 2019. Between theory in the classroom and research work in the forest, the goal of the course is to provide the students with a learning experience applied to the tropics in general and to tropical rainforests and Guiana more specifically. The strong focus on life science is completed by human sciences with the exploration of the relationship between humans and the forest.

The first week allowed students to discover the tropical forest habitat, its flora (botany, architecture, phenology), its fauna and their uses (wildlife management and ethnobotany). The relationship between humans and the forest is explored through forest management and the wood sector, and family farming. A whole day will be dedicated to public action on the topics of natural and rural environments management in French Guiana.

On September 9th 2019, another 10 students has embarked upon a master’s degree in Ecology of Tropical Forests . This master’s degree is led by the University of French Guiana, Antillas, and AgroParisTech and focuses on forestry ecology applied to tropical ecosystems.

This academic training focuses both on the professionalization of students (in the field of research and management of tropical forests), on the ecological peculiarities of tropical forests, the adaptive mechanisms developed by organisms adapted to this environment and the modeling of these complex ecological systems.

CEBA’s permanent equipments such as the forest field stations of Paracou and Nouragues or the the Guyafor forest plot network make tropical forest ecosystems accessible to the students. The 10 students will also interact with the other local research institutes and stakeholders (INRA, CIRAD, CNRS, IFREMER, IRD, ONF, Parc Amazonien, Parcs Naturels Régionaux, WWF…), each providing its own expertise.

We wish all these students a productive school year and a rich learning experience filled with discovery and enthusiasm!

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