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Citizen Science Training Session Offered by Tela Botanica

CEBA and Tela Botanica are collaborating to develop participatory sciences in French Guiana. To that aim, we are organizing a training session that will focus on developping new citizen science tools that can be used to study French Guiana’s flora.

Tela Botanica association

For the last 20 years, Tela Botanica has worked towards making botany a common good and available for all by developing free tools. The association carries several participatory sciences projects in partnership with research organizations in mainland France.

Get trained in botany

During the next CEBA annual days, which will take place on October 14-15 2019, the Tela Botanica team will be presenting their citizen science projects as well as the different tools they have developed for citizen scientists during a half day introductory meeting. Tela Botanica will also organize a one-day workshop aimed at participants who are interested to learn more and be involved in a citizen science project in French Guiana. During this workshop, participants will work together on defining future citizen science projects focused on French Guiana’s unique flora.

You are interested? Please, let us know your availability using this online form.

The event is open to a wide audience of professionals in biodiversity research and management, education and students.

More news will come soon, in the meantime, please spread the news!