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Citizens & Science, what happened during the 2019 Annual Meetings?

The 8th Annual Meetings of LabEx CEBA ended on Tuesday October, 15th 2019. Every year, this two-days meeting gathers the whole CEBA’s community which is usually scattered over several continents.

Since the very first year, these Annual Meetings represents an opportunity for the LabEx CEBA to report on its research. This year was no exception as the strategic projects PIs presented their research and results while other researchers took the stage to talk about current projects. This year was also marked by the ending of the first phase of CEBA and the launching of CEBA2 that has been extended until 2024. It was therefore important to end the first stage of the project with these meetings.

The LabEx CEBA has also shared the stage with French Guiana’s environmental stakeholders and NGOs with a whole morning of discussions devoted to  building links between research and environmental management and conservation. During this session, these actors took the opportunity to introduce their work and pitch ideas for collaborations with CEBA searchers. Those synergies will, without a doubt, be reflected in next years annual projects.

The program also featured new themes such as the « Woman Power hour » which extended past the planned hour leading to an in-depth discussion on the essential topic of women’s current status in science. The next generation of scientists were also represented in the audience as students in science curriculum also shared their thoughts on how to improve the representation of women in science and reach gender equality.

Two international woman scientists from Estonia and USA, Mari Moora and Lissy Coley, were invited to the meetings and gave plenary conferences on their work on the biogeography of symbiotic associations between fungus and plants and the relationships between plants their herbivorous predators.  

Finally, the researchers who responded to the call for interest for the 2020 strategic projects took advantage of these two days to present their research project to the community. Even though none of these projects had been selected yet, the researchers have offered us an enthusiastic presentation of their innovative science ideas!

The LabEx CEBA wishes to thank the University of Guyana and its President, Mr. Antoine Primerose, for hosting us.

Where did the participants to the Annual Meetings 2019 came from :

  • 65% from CEBA community
  • 19% from association and public institutions
  • 14% are from universities or students
  • 2% other (journalists, citizens with scientific interest etc.)