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Congratulations to the 2019 CEBA Ph.D. students!

The 2019 LabEx CEBA Ph.D. fellowships have been assigned and we have just notified the awardees. This year, the LabEx CEBA will fund or co-fund 4 students working on diverse topics. The students are expected to start on October 1rst this year with a planned thesis defense in 2022.

Following a first round of selections based on written applications, nine students were invited to present their project during a 20mn oral defense in front of a jury composed of E. Macron, Director of Education, V. Goujon, Executive Director and I. Marechaux, J. Murienne and G. Vincent, scientific board members.

Successively, students from French Guiana, France and other European countries demonstrated their abilities to work in the field and expressed their motivation to work for three years on their topic of choice and contribute to the CEBA scientific research. This year again, the opportunity to conduct research in French Guiana and its limitless experimental fieldwork attracted many prospective Ph.D. students. These students will without any doubt contribute to many new scientific findings in their respective disciplines.

2019 jury awards :

  • Camille Girard-Tercieux head by Raphaël Pélissier (CEBA fellowships)

Rôle de la variabilité intra-spécifique
dans la coexistence des espèces en forêt tropicale.

  • Tom Hattermann head by Nick Rowe (CEBA fellowships & H2020 fellowships)

The diversity of plant secretory structures and their exudates:an analysis of their functional roles and ecological significancein forests of French Guiana.

  • Daniela Krebber head by Eric Marcon (CEBA fellowships & CIRAD fellowships)

la biodiversité influence-t-elle la réponse des forêts tropicales aux
changements climatiques et aux perturbations anthropiques?

  • Nathan Mazet head by Pierre-Henri Fabre (CEBA fellowships)

Influences des facteurs environnementaux
et des interactions biotiques sur l’origine de la diversification des vertébrés
néotropicaux: approche macroévolutive et multi-clades.
Congratulations to the 2019 CEBA
Ph.D. students!