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Encounter with a scientist

Students from the Ulis class of Victor Schoelcher (Kourou) met with Stéphane Traissac, researcher at EcoFoG, as part of their participation in the project “Young reporters of arts, sciences and the environment” of Océanopolis, Brest.


“The inhabitants of the forest” was the starting point of the discussion between the students and the researcher.

The project “Young Reporters of the Arts, Sciences and the Environment” is initiated by the Océanopolis (Brest) and is based on a multidisciplinary approach. According to the organisers, it “will contribute to the acquisition of a humanist culture, participate in the acquisition of transversal skills while involving different disciplines”. For this project, participants will highlight the links between the arts and biodiversity.


Stéphane Traissac, researcher at the UMR EcoFoG in Kourou

The selected theme for this year is “My environment”. The teachers involved wish to integrate different fields such as History, Geography and Life and Earth Sciences. The objectives for the students of the Ulis (Localized Units for Inclusive Education) class would be to understand the world around them, learn the use of natural resources and know how to protect their environment. Stéphane Traissac, researcher in population dynamics of tropical rainforest trees and applications in the management of exploited forests at EcoFoG, met the students last January. The latters were receptive and asked a lot of questions. This encounter with a scientist is part of a mosaic of actions for their final project that will be submitted via videoconference by the end of May.

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