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Exploring the synergies of ForestGEO-CTFS and GUYAFOR

Expanding a global network of forest research to French Guiana was the goal of the event « Exploring the synergies of ForestGEO-CTFS and GUYAFOR » that took place on the 21st to the 26th of May 2017 in French Guiana. Stuart J. Davies, staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Panama) and Director of ForestGEO-CTFS, was the main guest of this event.

Source: Gaëlle Fornet

Stuart J. Davies, Géraldine Derroire & Jérôme Chave (Source: Gaëlle Fornet)

The Center for Tropical Forest Science – Forest Global Earth Observatory (CTFS – Forest GEO) is dedicated to the study of tropical and temperate forest function and diversity. The global network is also a multi-institutional one with over sixty large forest research plots across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe above 1 cm trunk diameter at breast height. CTFS – ForestGEO monitors the growth and survival of approximately 6 million trees and 10 000 species around the globe. Currently, ForestGEO is under-represented in the Guianas.

In French Guiana, GUYAFOR is a network of forest research permanent plots dedicated to long-term studies in forest dynamics and biodiversity (CIRAD, ONF and CNRS). The network includes 45 plots dispersed on 16 sites with approximately 158 000 trees (above 10cm trunk diameter at breast height) being monitored regularly. Forests subjected to different logging treatments are also supervised, offering a unique feature to GUYAFOR.

Both networks aim at a better understanding of forest dynamics and a monitoring of the impacts of global climate change on forest ecosystems. This event has been an opportunity to generate collaborations between these two networks. It consisted of a visit to the Nouragues (http://www.nouragues.cnrs.fr/) and Paracou Research Station (http://paracou.cirad.fr/) and was followed by a half-day meeting at the EcoFoG research unit (http://www.ecofog.gf/) in Kourou on the 24th of May.


For background information on Forest GEO/CTFS: http://www.forestgeo.si.edu/
For background information on GUYAFOR: http://paracou.cirad.fr/experimental-design/guyafor-network
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