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Former CEBA PhD student, Camille Piponiot-Laroche 2018 awarded Dufrenoy silver medal

The French Académie d’Agriculture Dufrenoy silver medal is awarded every year to a PhD thesis of high quality. This year Camille Piponiot-Laroche, who received her PhD in December 2018 co-funded by CEBA and CIRAD, has been rewarded by the Académie for her work on the future of production forests in Amazonia.

What does the future hold for production forests in Amazonia ? From carbon footprint of wood logging activities to the search of compromises between ecosystem services (timber, biodiversity and carbon)

Thesis co-funded by CEBA and CIRAD defended in december 2018

Half of the worldwide rainforests are identified as logging forests by national forest services. For the Brazilian Amazonian alone (400 million ha), selective logging impacts between 1 and 2 millions inhabitants. While the impacts of deforestation on CO2 emissions and biodiversity loss in tropical areas have been studied by numerous scientific studies, long-term impacts of commercial logging remain poorly characterized. But the stakes are high for production forests. Not only in terms of tropical timber trade but also because of their global importance in carbon storage and in the preservation of biodiversity.

This study was part of the TmFO network that gathers 9 research institutions working on more than 200 forest dynamic plots monitored after logging activities in the Amazonian forest [4]. The methodological approach, developed in French Guiana where monitoring is thorough and long-termed, was then applied to other Amazonian regions thanks to the data and expertise of the partners in the network.

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