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Historical ecology of tropical rainforest: “New frontiers in Historical Ecology”

Historical ecology, an interdisciplinary area booming in Amazonia, didn’t have yet a reference book about the large range of methods which may be developed in a tropical rainforest. This gap is now filled with the paruption from Routledge editions, in the collection ” New Frontiers in Historical Ecology ” head by William Balée (Tulane University) and Carole Crumley (University of North Carolina), a collectif book named ” Methods in Historical Ecology, insights from Amazonia “.

Born from the reflexions ripened through LongTIme, one of the strategic projects in LabEx CEBA, and feed with contributions from several worldwide known specialists, this work managed by Guillaume Odonne (CNRS, LEEISA) and Jean-François Molino (IRD, AMAP) is forwarded by Clark L. Erickson (University of Pennsylvania).

In a desired short format (206 pages), its 21 chapters are gathered in three parts. The first one ” Detection and characterisation of archaeological features ” addresses the several aspects linked to the study of the past, from a regional scale, with the analysis of digital terrain models or pedestrian surveys, at the microscopic scale, with pedochemistry or soil micromorphology.

The second part, “ Living organisms as witnesses of past human activities ” talks about the ecology of non-human living beings, trees, mushrooms, micro-organisms, but also offers analytical tracks such as anthracology or historical genomics. Eventually, the third part “ Ethnoecological knowledge on ancient anthropogenic landscapes’” wants to involve the local knowledge in the processus of the history comprehension of the landscapes and ecosystems and show how the historical ecology can be a political tool serving the amazonian communities. 

Although focused on amazonian practical cases, because of the easy acces of the thematic chapters, the ambition of this book is also to be a basis for reflection by researchers from other geographical areas, tropical or not.

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