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The 1st Forum on Research and Innovation in French Guiana took place on the 18th of April 2018

Co-organised by the LabEx CEBA, GIS IRISTA (Group of Scientific Interest Initiative for interdisciplinary research on Amazonian systems and territories), GDI (Guyane Développement Innovation) and DRRT (Regional Delegation to Research and Technology), the event took place for the first time on the territory at the Collectivité Territorial de Guyane.

Forum de la Recherche et de l'Innovation de Guyane

This forum was mainly addressed to the elected representatives of the French Guiana territory and was intended to provide them with a pragmatic view of the actors, issues and concrete achievements on research activities and innovation in French Guiana. Five topics were discussed, including social innovation, biodiversity, health, technology and valorisation and support to marine and agricultural sectors. This milestone helped in presenting the research work being carried out on the territory as well as their implications in connection with the Regional Scheme of Innovation (SRI).


The Forum brought together more than 60 people. The research community was represented by the national research organisations present on the territory, the University of French Guiana, the hospital research community and other institutions carrying out research projects. Some researchers from the CEBA community contributed through concise presentations on the different research projects taking place in French Guiana and on strategies concerning technology transfer, valorisation and training. Companies arising from research activities and that integrates Research and Development programs, were also present to talk about their core business  and career path. Finally, institutions specialised in funding innovation were among the actors who participated in the forum.

The Forum on Research and Innovation in French Guiana has established good foundations between the various actors present to ensure a continuity in the dialogue with the elected representatives.