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The list of French Guiana mammalsis is updated !

Research on taxonomy and systematics of south America mammals have revealed new information. These studies have allowed François Catzeflis from the ISEM lab to update the « list of French Guiana mammals ».

Desmodus rotundus © Philippe Gaucher

Please, check the list here.

Since F. Catzelis’ previous publications in 2010 and 2015, this list has been in constant evolution.

In 2015, the researcher had already compiled data recorded up to October 2014, adding information on the less popular species or on groups that had undergone recent changes in taxonomy. Changes in taxonomy have since happened (nomenclature, new species’ discoveries, synonymies etc.). Taxonomy and systematics are very dynamic fields of biology due to the ongoing efforts of naturalists in the field and changes occur very frequently.

The researcher has produced a table summarizing the information for 200 species belonging to 128 genera. In 2020, this list includes three new bats, three new rodents, and a second species of manatee. It also makes the point that the nine striped armadillo should be considered a different species from Dasypus ovemcinctus, and the armadillos are now organized into two distinct families (Dasypodidae and Chlamyphoridae). An appendix also lists all the cetaceans that have been observed off the coast of French Guiana.