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UMR ECOLAB joins the LabEx CEBA in 2018

The CEBA expands its network and its research themes with the integration of the UMR ECOLAB as of January 1st, 2018. There will be a total of 13 teams forming the research network of the LabEx CEBA.


The laboratory on functional ecology and environment (ECOLAB) was created in 2007. Its vocation is the combined study of ecosystems and communities functioning and their interrelations at different spatio-temporal scales. The research objectives of  ECOLAB are in line with those of the LabEx CEBA, while most of their field works take place in French Guiana.

Six researchers and engineers will be joining the CEBA community on topics involving:
– the Guyana coastline,
– bioindicators,
– the modeling of water and material flows in a catchment context,
– functional traits, assembly / disassembly of food webs in a context of climate change.

ECOLAB is also involved in scientific outreach actions such as educational posters. The bioturbation process in sediments was the subject of a communication in 2013, while other similar projects are currently underway, particularly on the decomposition of litter.