Five minutes to present your thesis or your postdoc

Summarize your doctoral or post-doctoral studies in five minutes: the CEBA launched this challenge during the last annual meeting on October 2013.

The aim? Highlight the works of these young researchers and give the members of the CEBA an overview of the great variety of ongoing research in the research network. The research themes go from ecology to genetics, and include biology, chemistry of natural substances, modeling and ethnology, among others.

Doctorants et post-doctorants - réunion annuelle 2013 du CEBA © CEBA Doctoral and postdoctoral fellows supported by the CEBA who participated at the annual meeting
on 8th and 9th October 2013 © CEBA

On 2013 October, 8th, 17 doctoral and postdoctoral fellows played the game by making a clear and concise presentation on their research subject, in English, with the help of a few slides. The titles of the presentations are available here.
Éric Marcon, director of the Ecology of Guiana Forests (Ecofog) laboratory and director of the CEBA in charge of education, animated this session of presentations.

In total, the CEBA gives support to 61 doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships within the 11 laboratories that are members of the network. All the research subjects are available on request (
To learn more about the PhDs financed by the CEBA, read:


Here is a photo retrospective of this event giving pride of place to young researchers during the 2013 CEBA annual meeting:

Présentation thèse A. Salas-Lopez © CEBAPresentation by Alex Salas-Lopez, PhD fellow at Ecofog laboratory © CEBA
Subject: Trophic diversity and quantification of ecosystem processes among ants according to anthropization gradients

Présentation thèse JP Vacher © CEBAPresentation by Jean-Pierre Vacher, PhD fellow at EDB and CNRS Guyane laboratories © CEBA
Subject: Diversity and biogeography of anuran amphibians of the Guiana Shield

Les jeunes chercheurs attendent leur passage pour présenter leurs recherches © CEBAThe young researchers wait for their moment to present their research © CEBA

Présentation thèse A. Tinaut © CEBAPresentation by Alexandra Tinaut, PhD fellow at Ecofog laboratory © CEBA
Subject: Ecological genetics and genomics of divergence events within species complexes in rainforest

 Transition thèse ASL et OD © CEBAChange between the presentations of Olivier Dézerald, PhD fellow at Amap and Ecofog laboratories, and Alex Salas-Lopez, PhD fellow at Ecofog laboratory © CEBA

 Présentation post-doctorat E. Canard © CEBAPresentation by Elsa Canard, post-doctorate fellow at Mivegec laboratory within the
Biohopsys program (2013-2015) © CEBA

Subject: Trophic network & transmission of infectious diseases

Présentation thèse Y. Eveno © CEBA    Presentation by Yannick Eveno, PhD fellow at the ICSN and EDB laboratories © CEBA
Subject: Bio- and chemodiversity of foliar endophytic microorganisms