Anib@rosa project : launching of the website

The Anib@rosa project has launched its website. You can visit the page to know more about the project and follow the news :
NB : for now, the website is available only in French.

What is Anib@rosa ?

Coordinated by the CIRAD and financed by the FEDER (European fund for regional development), the Anib@rosa project was created in 2010 to provide the basis for the creation of a sustainable production for rosewood. A team of 9 researchers work on the project.
Rosewood has been exploited a lot, especially for its essential oil which is used to make perfumes. Rosewood has become scarce and production was stopped in 1975. Perfumers now need the creation of a sustainable production for this essential oil.
Here are the different steps of the project :
– define the optimal conditions for production, which means that existing plantations as well as impacts on the composition of the essential oil must be studied;
– meet rules and regulations, which implies setting up traceability tools from the seed to the essential oil;
– present a sustainable economic model, by studying the socioeconomic feasability and by suggesting solutions to create a production.