data portals

Labex CEBA has developed databases on Amazonian biodiversity.

CEBA has implemented a vast program to implement databases of the occurrence of biological organisms in French Guiana, collected with rigorous methodologies, and often associated with molecular information.

The project is called Guyanensis.

The Guyanensis platform is a local implementation of the Canadensys platform and is in an experimental phase. It is similar to other south american initiatives such as Sistema de Informaçao Sobre a Biodiversidade Brasileira (Brazil), Sistema de Informacio sobre Biodiversidad (Colombia) and Uruguay. We would like to thank Christian Gendreau (Canadensys now working at GBIF) and Pierre Solbes for the setup of the system. The platform follows the Darwin Core format and it is interconnected with GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) via an IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit) as well as with the French SINP (Système d’Information sur la Nature et des Paysages).

The CEBA mission is also to document and make available the metadata of scientific projects developed by scientists as part of CEBA or initiated well before.

These metadata are organized in the Géoportail CEBA also freely accessible.

Access to CEBA data is regulated by the CEBA Data Sharing Agreement.