Labex CEBA – Center for the study of biodiversity in Amazonia


Understanding why so many organisms are present in tropical ecosystems is a major scientific challenge.
The Laboratoire of excellence CEBA (Center for the study of biodiversity in Amazonia) promotes innovation in research on tropical biodiversity. It brings together a network of internationally-recognized French research teams, contributes to university education, and encourages scientific collaboration with South American countries.

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2016 CEBA Annual meeting

The Labex CEBA will hold its annual meeting on the 6th and 7th October 2016 in Cayenne, French Guiana. It will be two days to discuss the latest advances CEBA and on how to strengthen future actions. The annual meeting … Continued

Survey of ticks in French Guiana

As part of the scientific program MiTick supported by the CEBA LabEx, a research team is carrying out a survey of ticks and tick-borne bacteria in French Guiana. If you are conducting surveys on wild or domestic vertebrates on your … Continued

Call for 2016 CEBA PhD scholarships

The call for proposals for CEBA thesis 2016 has been launched and will be open until 7th April 2016 .   Every year the LabEx CEBA offers funding or co-funding for PhD scolarships. For t2016, 3 PhD grants are offered … Continued

New scientific mission on Mount Itoupé in French Guiana.

Mount Itoupé, a summit of more than 800m high and located southeast of Saül, received a team from the Parc Amazonien de Guyane (PAG), and scientists from the Entomological Society of Antilles – Guyane (SEAG) and Labex CEBA. The expedition, … Continued

Annual call for CEBA projects 2016

The 2016 call for CEBA annual projects is open.   The CEBA launches every year a call for projects to promote research on biodiversity in French Guiana. All projects are evaluated by the Scientific Board and external experts. The text … Continued

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