Labex CEBA – Center for the study of biodiversity in Amazonia


Understanding why so many organisms are present in tropical ecosystems is a major scientific challenge.
The Laboratoire of excellence CEBA (Center for the study of biodiversity in Amazonia) promotes innovation in research on tropical biodiversity. It brings together a network of internationally-recognized French research teams, contributes to university education, and encourages scientific collaboration with South American countries.

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Evaluating biodiversity using environmental DNA (eDNA)

In the study of biodiversity, evaluating the distribution or the presence of organisms in a given site is an important approach. But what if the species studied are not easily accessible or the site holds a large diversity of species? … Continued

Job offer: Project officer at the LabEx CEBA

The position of Coordination and Communication officer of the LabEx CEBA is to be filled by the 6th of June 2018. The LEEISA supports the executive direction of the LabEx CEBA. The Project Officer position provides support to the CEBA … Continued

Post-doctoral research fellowship at the UMR AMAP

Post-doctoral research fellowship in data analysis and computation science: lidar 3D point cloud modelling for forestry application A two-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in data analysis and computation science is open at AMAP (Montpellier). The position is proposed as part of … Continued

Encounter with a scientist

Students from the Ulis class of Victor Schoelcher (Kourou) met with Stéphane Traissac, researcher at EcoFoG, as part of their participation in the project “Young reporters of arts, sciences and the environment” of Océanopolis, Brest. The project “Young Reporters of … Continued

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