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Fluctuating selection strength and intense male competition underlie variation and exaggeration of a water strider’s male weapon

William Toubiana and Abderrahman Khila

proceedings B 2020
Was the COVID-19 pandemic avoidable ? A call for a “ solution-oriented ” approach in pathogen evolutionary ecology to prevent future outbreaks

Benjamin R, Garchitorena A, Guegan J, Arnal A, Suzan G, Roiz D, Zambrana-torrelio C, Daszak P

Ecology Letters 2020
Genomic and phenotypic divergence unveil microgeographic adaptation in the Amazonian hyperdominant tree Eperua falcata Aubl. (Fabaceae)

Brousseau L, Fine PVA, Dreyer E, Vendramin GG, Scotti I

Molecular Ecology 2020
Comparative masticatory myology in anteaters and its implications for interpreting morphological convergence in myrmecophagous placentals

Ferreira-Cardoso S, Fabre P-H, de Thoisy B, Delsuc F, Hautier L

PeerJ 2020
The protected tree Dimorphandra wilsonii (Fabaceae) is a population of inter-specific hybrids: recommendations for conservation in the Brazilian Cerrado/Atlantic Forest ecotone

Muniz AC, Lemos-Filho JP, Souza HA, Marinho RC, Buzatti RS, Heuertz M, Lovato MB

Annals of botany, 126(1):191–203 2020
Vulnerability and hydraulic segmentations at the stem–leaf transition: coordination across Neotropical trees

Levionnois S, Ziegler C, Jansen S, Calvet E, Coste S, Stahl C, Salmon C, Delzon S, Guichard C, Heuret P

New Phytologist 2020
The combined effects of climate change and river fragmentation on the distribution of Andean Amazon fishes

Herrera-R GA, Oberdorff T, Anderson EP, Brosse S, Carvajal-Vallejos FM, Frederico RG, Hidalgo M, Jézéquel C, Maldonado M, Maldonado-Ocampo JA, Ortega H, Radinger J, Torrente-Vilara G, Zuanon J, Tedesco PA

Global Change Biology 2020
Freshwater fish diversity hotspots for conservation priorities in the Amazon Basin

Jézéquel C, Tedesco PA, Darwall W, Dias MS, Frederico RG, Hidalgo M, Hugueny B, Maldonado-Ocampo J, Martens K, Ortega H, Torrente-Vilara G, Zuanon J, Oberdorff T

Conservation Biology, 34(4):956–65 2020
Genetic consequences of social structure in the golden-crowned sifaka

Parreira B, Quéméré E, Vanpé C, Carvalho I, Chikhi L

Heredity 2020
A new species of nephus (Nephus) (coleoptera, coccinellidae) described from reunion island

Magro A, Churata-Salcedo J, Lecompte E, Hemptinne JL, Almeida LM

ZooKeys, 962:123–37 2020
Convergence of Nutritional Symbioses in Obligate Blood Feeders

Duron O, Gottlieb Y

Trends in Parasitology 2020
Development of nuclear SNP markers for Mahogany (Swietenia spp.)

Pakull B, Schindler L, Mader M, Kersten B, Blanc-Jolivet C, Paulini M, Lemes MR, Ward SE, Navarro CM, Cavers S, Sebbenn AM, di Dio O, Guichoux E, Degen B

Conservation Genetics Resources 2020
Impacts of Degradation on Water, Energy, and Carbon Cycling of the Amazon Tropical Forests

Longo M, Saatchi S, Keller M, Bowman K, Ferraz A, Moorcroft PR, Morton DC, Bonal D, Brando P, Burban B, Derroire G, Dos‐Santos MN, Meyer V, Saleska S, Trumbore S, Vincent G

Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 125(8):e2020JG005677 2020
Evidence for a thoracic crop in the workers of some Neotropical Pheidole species (Formicidae: Myrmicinae)

Casadei-Ferreira A, Fischer G, Economo EP

Arthropod Structure and Developmen, '59:100977 2020
Mangrove‐Derived Organic and Inorganic Carbon Exchanges Between the Sinnamary Estuarine System (French Guiana, South America) and Atlantic Ocean

Ray R, Thouzeau G, Walcker R, Vantrepotte V, Gleixner G, Morvan S, Devesa J, Michaud E

Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 125(8):e2020JG005739 2020
A portable, low-cost relaxed eddy accumulation (REA) system for quantifying ecosystem-level fluxes of volatile organics

Sarkar C, Turnipseed A, Shertz S, Karl T, Potosnak M, Bai J, Serça D, Bonal D, Burban B, Lopes PRC, Vega O, Guenther AB

Atmospheric Environment, 242:117764 2020
An ancient tropical origin, dispersals via land bridges and Miocene diversification explain the subcosmopolitan disjunctions of the liverwort genus Lejeunea

Lee GE, Condamine FL, Bechteler J, Pérez-Escobar OA, Scheben A, Schäfer-Verwimp A, Pócs T, Heinrichs J

Scientific Reports, '10:14123 2020
Investigating the direct and indirect effects of forest fragmentation on plant functional diversity

Zambrano J, Cordeiro NJ, Garzon-Lopez C, Yeager L, Fortunel C, Ndangalasi HJ, Beckman NG

PloS one, 15(7):e0235210 2020
Desiccation resistance traits predict freshwater invertebrate survival and community response to drought scenarios in a Neotropical ecosystem

Céréghino R, Françoise L, Bonhomme C, Carrias JF, Compin A, Corbara B, Jassey V, Leflaive J, Rota T, Farjalla V, Leroy C

Ecological Indicators, 119:106839 2020
Potential adaptive divergence between subspecies and populations of snapdragon plants inferred from QST–FST comparisons

Marin S, Gibert A, Archambeau J, Bonhomme V, Lascoste M, Pujol B

Molecular Ecology 2020
Two new species of Anomaloglossus (Anura: Aromobatidae) of the stepheni group from Suriname

Fouquet A, Jairam R, Ouboter P, Kok PJR

Zootaxa, 4820(1):147–64 2020
Testing the diversity–biomass relationship in riverine fish communities

Woods T, Comte L, Tedesco PA, Giam X

Global Ecology and Biogeography 2020
Ecology and morphology of mouse lemurs (Microcebus spp.) in a hotspot of microendemism in northeastern Madagascar, with the description of a new species

Schüßler D, Blanco MB, Salmona J, Poelstra J, Andriambeloson JB, Miller A, Randrianambinina B, Rasolofoson DW, Mantilla-Contreras J, Chikhi L, Louis EE, Yoder AD, Radespiel U

American Journal of Primatology, e23180 2020
Carneic Acids from an Endophytic Phomopsis sp. as Dengue Virus Polymerase Inhibitors

Peyrat L-A, Eparvier V, Eydoux C, Guillemot J-C, Litaudon M, Stien D

Journal of Natural Products 2020
Lactifluus ( Russulaceae ) diversity in Central America and the Caribbean: melting pot between realms

Delgat L, Courtecuisse R, De Crop E, Hampe F, Hofmann TA, Manz C, Piepenbring M, Roy M, Verbeken A

Persoonia, 44(1):278–300 2020
The complete mitochondrial genome of Iphisa elegans (Reptilia: Squamata: Gymnophthalmidae)

Vacher J-P, Manzi S, Rodrigues MT, Fouquet A

Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 5(3):3106–8 2020
Relative effciency of pitfall trapping vs. nocturnal hand collecting in assessing soil-dwelling spider diversity along a structural gradient of neotropical habitats

Privet K, Vedel V, Fortunel C, Orivel J, Martinez Q, Cerdan A, Baraloto C, Pétillon J

Diversity, '12:81 2020
Relative effciency of pitfall trapping vs. nocturnal hand collecting in assessing soil-dwelling spider diversity along a structural gradient of neotropical habitats

Privet K, Vedel V, Fortunel C, Orivel J, Martinez Q, Cerdan A, Baraloto C, Pétillon J

Diversity, '12:81 2020
One step beyond a broad molecular phylogenetic analysis: Species delimitation of Adenomera marmorata Steindachner, 1867 (Anura: Leptodactylidae)

Cassini CS, Taucce PPG, de Carvalho TR, Fouquet A, Solé M, Haddad CFB, Garcia PCA

PLoS ONE, 15(2):e0229324 2020
Resource availability drives bacterial succession during leaf-litter decomposition in a bromeliad ecosystem

Carrias JF, Gerphagnon M, Rodríguez-Pérez H, Borrel G, Loiseau C, Corbara B, Céréghino R, Mary I, Leroy C

FEMS microbiology ecology, 96(4):fiaa045 2020
Understanding the spatio-temporal dynamics of meningitis epidemics outside the belt: The case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Mazamay S, Bompangue D, Guégan JF, Muyembe JJ, Raoul F, Broutin H

BMC Infectious Diseases, '20:291 2020
Developmental origins and homologies of the hyracoid dentition

Gomes Rodrigues H, Tabuce R, Asher RJ, Hautier L

Evolution & Development, e12337 2020
A new revision of Capirona (Rubiaceae, Ixoroideae, Condamineeae), with a new combination and additional notes on typification of the names involved

Delprete PG

Phytotaxa, 443:101–6 2020
The role of the Neotropics as a source of world tetrapod biodiversity

Meseguer AS, Antoine P, Fouquet A, Delsuc F, Condamine FL

Global Ecology and Biogeography, 00:1–14 2020
Climatic and edaphic controls over tropical forest diversity and vegetation carbon storage

Hofhansl F, Chacón-Madrigal E, Fuchslueger L, Jenking D, Morera-Beita A, Plutzar C, Silla F, Andersen KM, Buchs DM, Dullinger S, Fiedler K, Franklin O, Hietz P, Huber W, Quesada CA, Rammig A, Schrodt F, Vincent AG, Weissenhofer A, Wanek W

Scientific Reports, '10:5066 2020
A novel Borrelia species, intermediate between Lyme disease and relapsing fever groups, in neotropical passerine-associated ticks

Binetruy F, Garnier S, Boulanger N, Talagrand-Reboul É, Loire E, Faivre B, Noël V, Buysse M, Duron O

Scientific Reports, '10:10596 2020
Development but not diet alters microbial communities in the Neotropical arboreal trap jaw ant Daceton armigerum: an exploratory study

Ramalho MO, Duplais C, Orivel J, Dejean A, Gibson JC, Suarez A V., Moreau CS

Scientific Reports, '10:7350 2020
Shut down of the South American summer monsoon during the penultimate glacial

Rodríguez-Zorro PA, Ledru MP, Bard E, Aquino-Alfonso O, Camejo A, Daniau AL, Favier C, Garcia M, Mineli TD, Rostek F, Ricardi-Branco F, Sawakuchi AO, Simon Q, Tachikawa K, Thouveny N

Scientific Reports, Scientific Reports:'10:6275 2020
Different “metabolomic niches” of the highly diverse tree species of the French Guiana rainforests

Gargallo-Garriga A, Sardans J, Granda V, Llusià J, Peguero G, Asensio D, Ogaya R, Urbina I, Van Langenhove L, Verryckt LT, Chave J, Courtois EA, Stahl C, Grau O, Klem K, Urban O, Janssens IA, Peñuelas J

Scientific Reports, '10:6937 2020
Extreme rainfall events alter the trophic structure in bromeliad tanks across the Neotropics

Romero GQ, Marino NAC, MacDonald AAM, Céréghino R, Trzcinski MK, Mercado DA, Leroy C, Corbara B, Farjalla VF, Barberis IM, Dézerald O, Hammill E, Atwood TB, Piccoli GCO, Bautista FO, Carrias JF, Leal JS, Montero G, Antiqueira PAP, Freire R, Realpe E, Amundrud SL, de Omena PM, Campos ABA, Kratina P, O’Gorman EJ, Srivastava DS

Nature Communications, '11:3215 2020
Biased-corrected richness estimates for the Amazonian tree flora

ter Steege H, Prado PI, Lima RAF d., Pos E, de Souza Coelho L, de Andrade Lima Filho D, Salomão RP, Amaral IL, de Almeida Matos FD, Castilho C V., Phillips OL, Guevara JE, de Jesus Veiga Carim M, Cárdenas López D, Magnusson WE, Wittmann F, Martins MP, Sabatier D, Irume MV, da Silva Guimarães JR, Molino JF, Bánki OS, Piedade MTF, Pitman NCA, Ramos JF, Monteagudo Mendoza A, Venticinque EM, Luize BG, Núñez Vargas P, Silva TSF, de Leão Novo EMM, Reis NFC, Terborgh J, Manzatto AG, Casula KR, Honorio Coronado EN, Montero JC, Duque A, Costa FRC, Castaño Arboleda N, Schöngart J, Zartman CE, Killeen TJ, Marimon BS, Marimon-Junior BH, Vasquez R, Mostacedo B, Demarchi LO, Feldpausch TR, Engel J, Petronelli P, Baraloto C, Assis RL, Castellanos H, Simon MF, de Medeiros MB, Quaresma A, Laurance SGW, Rincón LM, Andrade A, Sousa TR, Camargo JL, Schietti J, Laurance WF, de Queiroz HL, Nascimento HEM, Lopes MA, de Sousa Farias E, Magalhães JLL, Brienen R, Aymard C GA, Revilla JDC, Vieira ICG, Cintra BBL, Stevenson PR, Feitosa YO, Duivenvoorden JF, Mogollón HF, Araujo-Murakami A, Ferreira LV, Lozada JR, Comiskey JA, de Toledo JJ, Damasco G, Dávila N, Lopes A, García-Villacorta R, Draper F, Vicentini A, Cornejo Valverde F, Lloyd J, Gomes VHF, Neill D, Alonso A, Dallmeier F, de Souza FC, Gribel R, Arroyo L, Carvalho FA, de Aguiar DPP, do Amaral DD, Pansonato MP, Feeley KJ, Berenguer E, Fine PVA, Guedes MC, Barlow J, Ferreira J, Villa B, Peñuela Mora MC, Jimenez EM, Licona JC, Cerón C, Thomas R, Maas P, Silveira M, Henkel TW, Stropp J, Paredes MR, Dexter KG, Daly D, Baker TR, Huamantupa-Chuquimaco I, Milliken W, Pennington T, Tello JS, Pena JLM, Peres CA, Klitgaard B, Fuentes A, Silman MR, Di Fiore A, von Hildebrand P, Chave J, van Andel TR, Hilário RR, Phillips JF, Rivas-Torres G, Noronha JC, Prieto A, Gonzales T, de Sá Carpanedo R, Gonzales GPG, Gómez RZ, de Jesus Rodrigues D, Zent EL, Ruschel AR, Vos VA, Fonty É, Junqueira AB, Doza HPD, Hoffman B, Zent S, Barbosa EM, Malhi Y, de Matos Bonates LC, de Andrade Miranda IP, Silva N, Barbosa FR, Vela CIA, Pinto LFM, Rudas A, Albuquerque BW, Umaña MN, Carrero Márquez YA, van der Heijden G, Young KR, Tirado M, Correa DF, Sierra R, Costa JBP, Rocha M, Vilanova Torre E, Wang O, Oliveira AA, Kalamandeen M, Vriesendorp C, Ramirez-Angulo H, Holmgren M, Nascimento MT, Galbraith D, Flores BM, Scudeller VV, Cano A, Ahuite Reategui MA, Mesones I, Baider C, Mendoza C, Zagt R, Urrego Giraldo LE, Ferreira C, Villarroel D, Linares-Palomino R, Farfan-Rios W, Farfan-Rios W, Casas LF, Cárdenas S, Balslev H, Torres-Lezama A, Alexiades MN, Garcia-Cabrera K, Valenzuela Gamarra L, Valderrama Sandoval EH, Ramirez Arevalo F, Hernandez L, Sampaio AF, Pansini S, Palacios Cuenca W, de Oliveira EA, Pauletto D, Levesley A, Melgaço K, Pickavance G

Scientific Reports, '10:10130 2020
Novel herpesviruses in neotropical bats and their relationship with other members of the Herpesviridae family

James S, Donato D, de Thoisy B, Lavergne A, Lacoste V

Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 84:104367 2020
Species range shifts in response to climate change and human pressure for the world’s largest amphibian

Zhang P, Dong X, Grenouillet G, Lek S, Zheng Y, Chang J

Science of the Total Environment, 735:139543 2020
Genetic diversity targets and indicators in the CBD post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework must be improved

Hoban S, Bruford M, D’Urban Jackson J, Lopes-Fernandes M, Heuertz M, Hohenlohe PA, Paz-Vinas I, Sjögren-Gulve P, Segelbacher G, Vernesi C, Aitken S, Bertola LD, Bloomer P, Breed M, Rodríguez-Correa H, Funk WC, Grueber CE, Hunter ME, Jaffe R, Liggins L, Mergeay J, Moharrek F, O’Brien D, Ogden R, Palma-Silva C, Pierson J, Ramakrishnan U, Simo-Droissart M, Tani N, Waits L, Laikre L

Biological Conservation, 248:108654 2020
Intraspecific difference among herbivore lineages and their host‐plant specialization drive the strength of trophic cascades

Sentis A, Bertram R, Dardenne N, Simon J, Magro A, Pujol B, Danchin E, Hemptinne J

Ecology Letters, 23:1242–51 2020
Genetic evidence of multiple introductions and mixed reproductive strategy in the peregrine earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus

Taheri S, Decaëns T, Cunha L, Brown GG, Da Silva E, Bartz MLC, Baretta D, Dupont L

Biological Invasions, 22:2545–57 2020
Epiphytic suspended soils from Borneo and Amazonia differ in their microbial community composition

Donald J, Maxfield P, Leroy C, Ellwood MDF

Acta Oecologica, 106:103586 2020
A test of community assembly rules using foliar endophytes from a tropical forest canopy

Donald J, Roy M, Suescun U, Iribar A, Manzi S, Péllissier L, Gaucher P, Chave J

Journal of Ecology, 108:1605–16 2020
4-Deoxyphorbol inhibits HIV-1 infection in synergism with antiretroviral drugs and reactivates viral reservoirs through PKC/MEK activation synergizing with vorinostat

De la Torre-Tarazona HE, Jiménez R, Bueno P, Camarero S, Román L, Fernández-García JL, Beltrán M, Nothias LF, Cachet X, Paolini J, Litaudon M, Alcami J, Bedoya LM

Biochemical Pharmacology, '177:113937 2020
Miocene Diversification in the Savannahs Precedes Tetraploid Rainforest Radiation in the African Tree Genus Afzelia (Detarioideae, Fabaceae)

Donkpegan ASL, Doucet J-L, Hardy OJ, Heuertz M, Piñeiro R

Frontiers in Plant Science, 11:798 2020
Atmospheric deposition of elements and its relevance for nutrient budgets of tropical forests

Van Langenhove L, Verryckt LT, Bréchet L, Courtois EA, Stahl C, Hofhansl F, Bauters M, Sardans J, Boeckx P, Fransen E, Peñuelas J, Janssens IA

Biogeochemistry, 149:175–93 2020
Discrepancies between genetic and ecological divergence patterns suggest a complex biogeographic history in a Neotropical genus

Binelli G, Montaigne W, Sabatier D, Scotti-Saintagne C, Scotti I

Ecology and Evolution, 10:4726–38 2020
Nuclear and plastid SNP markers for tracing Cedrela timber in the tropics

Paredes-Villanueva K, Blanc-Jolivet C, Mader M, Honorio Coronado EN, Garcia-Davila C, Sebbenn AM, Rocha Venancio Meyer-Sand B, Caron H, Tysklind N, Cavers S, Degen B

Conservation Genetics Resources, 12:239–44 2020
Calling amplitude flexibility and acoustic spacing in the territorial frog Allobates femoralis

Rodríguez C, Amézquita A, Ringler M, Pašukonis A, Hödl W

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 74:76 2020
Chronostratigraphy of a 1.5±0.1 Ma composite sedimentary record from Colônia basin (SE Brazil): Bayesian modeling based on paleomagnetic, authigenic 10Be/9Be, radiocarbon and luminescence dating

Simon Q, Ledru MP, Sawakuchi AO, Favier C, Mineli TD, Grohmann CH, Guedes M, Bard E, Thouveny N, Garcia M, Tachikawa K, Rodríguez-Zorro PA

Quaternary Geochronology, 58:101081 2020
SILVOLIVE, a Germplasm Collection of Wild Subspecies With High Genetic Variability as a Source of Rootstocks and Resistance Genes for Olive Breeding

Díaz-Rueda P, Franco-Navarro JD, Messora R, Espartero J, Rivero-Núñez CM, Aleza P, Capote N, Cantos M, García-Fernández JL, de Cires A, Belaj A, León L, Besnard G, Colmenero-Flores JM

Frontiers in Plant Science, '11:629 2020
Effects of Past and Present-Day Landscape Structure on Forest Soil Microorganisms

Mennicken S, Kondratow F, Buralli F, Manzi S, Andrieu E, Roy M, Brin A

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 8:118 2020
The pantropical response of soil moisture to El Niño

Solander KC, Newman BD, Carioca De Araujo A, Barnard HR, Berry ZC, Bonal D, Bretfeld M, Burban B, Candido LA, Célleri R, Chambers JQ, Christoffersen BO, Detto M, Dorigo WA, Ewers BE, Ferreira SJF, Knohl A, Leung LR, McDowell NG, Miller GR, Monteiro MTF, Moore GW, Negron-Juarez R, Saleska SR, Stiegler C, Tomasella J, Xu C

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 24:2303–22 2020
Regulation of nitrogen fixation from free-living organisms in soil and leaf litter of two tropical forests of the Guiana shield

Van Langenhove L, Depaepe T, Vicca S, van den Berge J, Stahl C, Courtois E, Weedon J, Urbina I, Grau O, Asensio D, Peñuelas J, Boeckx P, Richter A, Van Der Straeten D, Janssens IA

Plant and Soil, 450:93-110 2020
An integrated proteomic and transcriptomic analysis reveals the venom complexity of the bullet ant Paraponera clavata

Aili SR, Touchard A, Hayward R, Robinson SD, Pineda SS, Lalagüe H, Mrinalini, Vetter I, Undheim EAB, Kini RM, Escoubas P, Padula MP, Myers GSA, Nicholson GM

Toxins, 12(5):324 2020
Quantitative airborne inventories in dense tropical forest using imaging spectroscopy

Laybros A, Aubry-Kientz M, Féret JB, Bedeau C, Brunaux O, Derroire G, Vincent G

Remote Sensing, 12(10):1577 2020
Local emergence in amazonia of plasmodium falciparum K13 C580Y mutants associated with in vitro artemisinin resistance

Mathieu LC, Cox H, Early AM, Mok S, Lazrek Y, Paquet JC, Ade MP, Lucchi NW, Grant Q, Udhayakumar V, Alexandre JSF, Demar M, Ringwald P, Neafsey DE, Fidock DA, Musset L

eLife, 9:e51015 2020
Continued Adaptation of C4 Photosynthesis after an Initial Burst of Changes in the Andropogoneae Grasses

Bianconi ME, Hackel J, Vorontsova MS, Alberti A, Arthan W, Burke S V., Duvall MR, Kellogg EA, Lavergne S, McKain MR, Meunier A, Osborne CP, Traiperm P, Christin PA, Besnard G

Systematic Biology, 69(3):445–61 2020
Convergent evolution of olfactory and thermoregulatory capacities in small amphibious mammals

Martinez Q, Clavel J, Esselstyn JA, Achmadi AS, Grohé C, Pirot N, Fabre PH

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 117(16):8958–65 2020
Typification of the two Arariba names published by Martius and of the two Pinckneya names published by Allemão & Saldanha, synonymous with the names of two species of Simira (Rubiaceae, Condamineeae)

Margalho LF, Delprete PG, Groppo M

Phytotaxa, 438(2):141–50 2020
A generic key to the known larval elmidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) of French Guiana

Shepard WD, Clavier S, Cerdan A

Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia , 60:e202060 2020
The hyperdominant tropical tree Eschweilera coriacea (Lecythidaceae) shows higher genetic heterogeneity than sympatric Eschweilera species in French Guiana

Heuertz M, Caron H, Scotti-Saintagne C, Pétronelli P, Engel J, Tysklind N, Miloudi S, Gaiotto FA, Chave J, Molino JF, Sabatier D, Loureiro J, Budde KB

Plant Ecology and Evolution, 153(1):67–81 2020
Influence of local habitat and climatic factors on the distribution of fish species in the tonle sap lake. Water (Switzerland)

Chan B, Brosse S, Hogan ZS, Ngor PB, Lek S.

Water, 12:786 2020
Species better track climate warming in the oceans than on land

Lenoir J, Bertrand R, Comte L, Bourgeaud L, Hattab T, Murienne J, Grenouillet G.

Nature Ecology and Evolution 2020
Leishmania virus genetic diversity is not related to leishmaniasis treatment failure

Ginouvès M, Couppié P, Simon S, Bourreau E, Rogier S, Brousse P, Travers P, Pommier de Santi V, Demar M, Briolant S, Prévot G.

Clinical Microbiology and Infection 2020
Leprosy Transmission in Amazonian Countries: Current Status and Future Trends

Schaub R, Avanzi C, Singh P, Paniz-Mondolfi A, Cardona-Castro N, Legua P, Crespo L, Sewpersad K, Dávila JJ, Barreto J, Dwivedi P, Morris-Wilson H, Larrea MP, Talhari C, Lahiri R, Truman RW, Gozlan RE, Couppié P, de Thoisy B.

Current Tropical Medicine Reports 2020
Seasonality influences ant-mediated nutrient acquisition (myrmecotrophy) by a Neotropical myrmecophyte

Dejean A, Petitclerc F, Azémar F

Evolutionary Ecology, 34:645–57 2020
Reproductive behavior drives female space use in a sedentary Neotropical frog

Fischer MT, Ringler M, Ringler E, Pašukonis A.

PeerJ, 8:e8920 2020
Integrative taxonomy of the genus Dyscolus (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Platynini) in Ecuadorian Andes

Moret P, Murienne J.

European Journal of Taxonomy, 646:1-55 2020
A database of freshwater fish species of the Amazon Basin

Jézéquel C, Tedesco PA, Bigorne R, Maldonado-Ocampo JA, Ortega H, Hidalgo M, Martens K, Torrente-Vilara G, Zuanon J, Acosta A, Agudelo E, Barrera Maure S, Bastos DA, Bogotá Gregory J, Cabeceira FG, Canto ALC, Carvajal-Vallejos FM, Carvalho LN, Cella-Ribeiro A, Covain R, Donascimiento C, Dória CRC, Duarte C, Ferreira EJG, Galuch A V., Giarrizzo T, Leitão RP, Lundberg JG, Maldonado M, Mojica JI, Montag LFA, Ohara WM, Pires THS, Pouilly M, Prada-Pedreros S, de Queiroz LJ, Rapp Py-Daniel L, Ribeiro FRV, Ríos Herrera R, Sarmiento J, Sousa LM, Stegmann LF, Valdiviezo-Rivera J, Villa F, Yunoki T, Oberdorff T

Scientific data, 7:96 2020
Ecological response to altered rainfall differs across the Neotropics

Srivastava DS, Céréghino R, Trzcinski MK, MacDonald AAM, Marino NAC, Mercado DA, Leroy C, Corbara B, Romero GQ, Farjalla VF, Barberis IM, Dézerald O, Hammill E, Atwood TB, Piccoli GCO, Ospina-Bautista F, Carrias J, Leal JS, Montero G, Antiqueira PAP, Freire R, Realpe E, Amundrud SL, Omena PM, Campos ABA

Ecology, 101(4):e02984 2020
Disentangling the assembly mechanisms of ant cuticular bacterial communities of two Amazonian ant species sharing a common arboreal nest

Birer C, Moreau CS, Tysklind N, Zinger L, Duplais C

Molecular Ecology 2020
Paternity tests support a diallelic self-incompatibility system in a wild olive (Olea europaea subsp. laperrinei, Oleaceae)

Besnard G, Cheptou PO, Debbaoui M, Lafont P, Hugueny B, Dupin J, Baali-Cherif D

Ecology and Evolution, 10:1876-1888 2020
The endemic ‘sugar canes’ of Madagascar (Poaceae, Saccharinae: Lasiorhachis) are close relatives of sorghum

Vorontsova MS, Besnard G, Razanatsoa J, Hackel J

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 192(1):148–64 2020
Impacts of biotic and abiotic parameters on immature populations of Aedes aegypti

Talaga S, Dejean A, Azémar F, Dumont Y, Leroy C

Journal of Pest Science 2020
Relative effciency of pitfall trapping vs. nocturnal hand collecting in assessing soil-dwelling spider diversity along a structural gradient of neotropical habitats

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First case of parthenogenesis in ladybirds (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) suggests new mechanisms for the evolution of asexual reproduction

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Genotypes of the aquatic plant Myriophyllum spicatum with different growth strategies show contrasting sensitivities to copper contamination

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