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Sustainable development goal #3, “health and well-being”, and the need for more integrative thinking

Guegan JF, Suzan G, Kati-Coulibaly S, Nkoko Bonpamgue D, Moatti JP

Veterinaria Mexico OA, 5(2) 2018

Satellite passive microwaves reveal recent climate-induced carbon losses in African drylands

Brandt M, Wigneron JP, Chave J, Tagesson T, Penuelas J, Ciais P, Rasmussen K, Tian F, Mbow C, Al-Yaari A, Rodriguez-Fernandez N, Schurgers G, Zhang W, Chang J, Kerr Y, Verger A, Tucker C, Mialon A, Vang Rasmussen L, Fan L, Fensholt R

Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2:827–835 2018

Reconquering the water: evolution and systematics of South and Central American aquatic lizards (Gymnophthalmidae)

Marques-Souza S, Teixeira Jr. M, Kok PJR, Sales Nunes P, Mejia N, Barrio-Amorós C, Recoder RS, Cassimiro J, Fouquet A, Dias Lima J, Prates I, Dal Vechio F, de Sena MA, Camacho A, Rodrigues MT

Zoologica Scripta, 47(3):255–265 2018

Palikur traditional roundwood construction in Eastern French Guiana: ethnobotanical and cultural perspectives in a context of change

Ogeron C, Odonne G, Cristinoi A, Engel J, Grenand P, Beauchêne J, Clair B, Davy D

Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine , 14:28 2018


Rowe NP

Current Biology, 28(6):R249-R252 2018

Coordination and trade-offs among hydraulic safety, efficiency and drought avoidance traits in Amazonian rainforest canopy tree species

Santiago LS, De Guzman ME, Baraloto C, Vogenberg JE, Brodie M, Hérault B, Fortunel C, Bonal D

New Phytologist, 218(3):1015–1024 2018

A Review of the Pattonomys/Toromys Clade (Rodentia: Echimyidae), with Descriptions of a New Toromys Species and a New Genus

Emmons LH, Fabre PH

American Museum Novitates, 3894:1-52 2018

Pathogeography: leveraging the biogeography of human infectious diseases for global health management

Murray KA, Olivero J, Roche B, Tiedt S, Guégan JF

Ecography 2018

Molecular characterization of Rhodnius robustus specimens, potential vectors for Chagas disease in French Guiana, South America

Barnabé C, Brenière SF, Guégan JF, Blanchet D, Aznar C

Infections Genetics and Evolution, 59:28-31 2018

Chemical regulation of body feather microbiota in a wild bird

Jacob S, Zinger L, Chaine AS, Ducamp C, Russell AF, Heeb P

Molecular Ecology 2018

Key drivers of ecosystem recovery after disturbance in a neotropical forest

Herault B, Piponiot A

Forest Ecosystems, 5:2 2018

Control of ‘blue carbon’ storage by mangrove ageing: evidence from a 66-year chronosequence in French Guiana

Walcker R, Gandois L, Proisy C, Corenblit D, Mougin E, Laplanche C, Ray R, Fromard F

Global Change Biology 2018

Impregnation of law for the protection of natural areas through the mechanism of Inventory of Natural Heritage. From the transformation of Natural Zones of Ecological Interest, Flora and Fauna (nzieff) into Ecological Values Inventory of Natural Heritage of Fauna, Floristic, Geological, Paleonto- logical, Mineralogical and Pedological.

Galy K

Revue Juridique de l'Environnement, 43:111-130 2018

Use of the intramuscular route to administer pentamidine isethionate in Leishmania guyanensis cutaneous leishmaniasis increases the risk of treatment failure

Christen JR, Bourreau E, Demar M, Lightburn E, Couppié P, Ginouvès M, Prévot G, Gangneux JP, Savini H, de Laval F, Pommier de Santi V, Briolant S

Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease 2018

On the brink of extinction: two new species of Anomaloglossus from French Guiana and amended definition of Anomaloglossus degranvillei and A. surinamensis (Anura: Aromobatidae)

Fouquet A, Vacher J-P, Courtois EA, Villette B, Reizine H, Gaucher P, Jairam R, Ouboter P, Kok PJR

Zootaxa, 4379:1-23 2018

Integrative taxonomy of the gymnophthalmid lizard Neusticurus rudis Boulenger, 1900, identifies a new species in the eastern Pantepui region, north-eastern South America

Kok PJR, Bittenbinder M, van den Berg J, Marques-Souza S, Sales Nunes P, Laking A, Teixeira Jr. M, Fouquet A, Means D, MacCulloch R, Rodrigues M

Journal of Natural History 2018

Cracking the code: examination of species delimitations among Hamadryas butterflies with DNA barcodes suggests Caribbean cracker is Hamadryas februa Hübner (Nymphalidae: Biblidinae)

Garzon-Orduna I, Brower AVZ, Kamilari M, Iribar A, Murienne J

Journal of the Lepiderologists’ Society , 71(4) 2018

Development of molecular and cellular tools to decipher the type I IFN pathway of the common vampire bat

Sarkis S, Lise M-C, Darcissac E, Dabo S, Falk M, Chaulet L, Neuveut C, Meurs EF, Lavergne A, Lacoste V

2018, 81:1-7 2018

One-third of the plastid genes evolved under positive selection in PACMAD grasses

Piot A, Hackel J, Christin P-A, Besnard G

Planta 2018

Land-use change effects on the taxonomic and morphological trait composition of ant communities in French Guiana

Salas-Lopez A, Violle C, Mallia L & Orivel J

Insect Conservation and Diversity 2018